Ranking in top 9 for hashtags, but showing low Hashtag Reach

My instagram hashtag reach suddenly dropped off about two weeks ago. Prior to this sudden drop in engagement my posts would reach about 50%+ accounts that were not following me and my Hashtag reach would be between 5k - 15k on average.

Now, however, my hashtag reach is EXTREMELY low. Sometimes it’s literally on 5 or 100. Sometimes the Hashtag source is not even listed under the Impressions categories.

What’s odd though is that my posts consistently rank in the top 9 on a majority of the hashtags that I am posting on. Despite this, I am showing low hashtag reach. This doesn’t make sense to me. I checked to see if I was shadowbanned, but I can also find my post in the top 9 of various hashtags when I look them up on using an account that doesn’t follow me.

I have tried stopping my posting for a few days to reset and that didn’t work.

The only thing I can think of that happened was that the account was given to me by a friend of mine that lives in another country. Could IG have figured out that the logins are now coming from a different country, thus suspected something suspicious and is limiting my reach? How would that explain why my hashtags are still ranking in the top 9 though and showing low hashtag reach on my insights.

Any help or insights (no pun intended) would be greatly appreciated!

Usually you will just get a EV or PV when you move locations never had reach affected yet.

Apologies, what do EV and PV stand for?

EV = email verification
PV = phone validation

If these errors happen you need to either type in a code from email or sms to get the acc running again.

Okay good to know. Thanks!

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This is a useful post to read when getting started…


I believe I am having the same problem. I have a gun niche account so I don’t know if a few hashtags I’m using is partially shadow banned or what. But I did buy account from someone from Canada, which is a different country from where I’m located. So It might also be the EV and PV

using same hashtags?

The same thing has been happening to me for a month now. Before I was able to reach 15k to 30k reach with hashtags, and I was on top of most of them, but now I barely reach 50, and I’m not on top anymore, sometimes I’m not even on the recently posts…and now for my bad luck, it has been a week since the hashtag reach information disappeared from the posting information. I don’t know what to do, I don’t use the same hashtags and I did nothing different.

were you able to figure out what to do to get back to normal?

I got same problem… used to reach 20k+ from hashtags for ~1K followers account… also with different niches even accounts that’s so low in quality or new used to reach at least 2k from hashtags …
And even got the boost from the algorithm to rech couple of thousands from Explore!

Now nothing!! Since August I see it going worse with reach with no solutions at all…
Still you see spammy posts tagging themselves 100 times in description, all rotated content with different graphics and niche accounts be like robots commenting

I believe this algorithm is too stupid to spot differences between humans and bots

Happened the same to me, I’m doing a pause now… I don’t know if the F/UF makes an impact in the Hashtag reach, does anyone know if the F/UF reduce the hashtag reach?