Raw mobile vs 1:1 mobile vs rotating mobile vs residential vs proxy pool

Hi all,

I’m new to MPSocial and the IG botting. I really like this community and I’ll definitely help other if I can. I’m bit confused with these terms.

  • Raw mobile proxy
  • Mobile proxy (especially 1:1 proxy)
  • Rotating mobile proxy
  • Residential proxy

So far what I have understand is that
Residential Proxies are the IPs / proxies provided by ISPs to their broadband consumers
Raw mobile proxies are mobile proxies and the user can run multiple accounts on it and the proxy is dedicated to the user, so its upto the user to use it properly or abuse it.
Mobile proxy In multiple posts, they are mentioned differently from raw mobile proxies, and I’m unable to understand the difference. What i think (it can be wrong) that these proxies are shared among multiple users and all users behave like good adults and no one faces any issues like in a house all the family members are using the IG and everything (related to IG) works fine. The reason I think its shared among multiple users is the price difference between raw mobile proxy and mobile proxy. Also the 1:1 limit is applied to keep everyone in line.
Rotating mobile proxies all mobile proxies are rotating proxies but some keep the connection open for a long time so their IP don’t hop around, while some providers use a system to keep changing / restarting the gateway which leads to the IP changing over and over again.
Proxy pool Have no idea what it is, but my guess is that the user is given multiple proxies and he users the entire group of proxies for a much bigger accounts group, so the proxy may be used by multiple accounts like 10, and down the road those 10 accounts may use different IPs and some other users use the proxy


A mobile proxy is usually a 4G or 3G proxy.
If it has a rotating IP, then it is called a rotating mobile proxy, meaning that the IP changes every x minutes according to your provider. Mobile proxy is the general term given to 4G proxies.

The raw-mobile means that you will get exclusive access to a dedicated 4G modem. Your definition is spot on.

Concerning the 1:1 ratio, it means that only one account can be put on the proxy. A 1:3 ratio means that 3 accounts and be put and a 1:5 ratio means 5 accounts can be put and so on.
When a provider states that the mobile proxy that is provided is 1:1, it means that only one account can be connected to it; you can only connect 1 account to 1 proxy you buy from this category. Those are usually shared.

A proxy pool means the proxies that are allocated to something. Consider it as a proxy ‘bunch’. It depends on the context in which it is stated. Someone can say that they are using a proxy pool in Europe i.e they are using proxies with IPs from Europe.

Hope that helps.