Wich proxy for cpa spam?

I saw many threads where people tell to use 4g and raw mobile proxy especially if you haven’t much expereince in automation but in the other hand people say that for spamming the best is datacenter proxy even if you are just beginner so what should i buy because i already buyed from a seller an ipv4 residential hq and i get quick blocks whenever i get to 15-20 follow max per day ?

Generally speaking, DC proxies still work if you find a good provider but a lot of them have been blacklisted by IG. 4g perform better usually. But this is a very volatile climate to start doing anything with IG especially spamming. You are gonna encounter lots of blocks and bans.

Regardless, there are lots of detailed threads on the forum when it comes to proxies:

Which one to choose? Data-center proxies VS Mobile proxies


So what do you suggest wait for the block problem to be a less repetitive then start doing cpa insta spamming ?

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