REACH : Business VS Personal VS Creator

Hi lads and girls!

A little dilemma here. Nobody has really found the exact difference here so I thought to make this thread.
When you automate, do you see the difference in the amount of followers that you get,
whether your account is set to Business, Personal or Creator?
Is there an actual difference?
And what about postings?


I’ve not personally seen a difference between both. Some people think personal has better engagement though!

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No difference from my experience.


At the end of the day - no two accounts will ever be the same for an equal weighted test among the various account types.

  • content variance
  • follower make up/location/activity
  • and last but most importantly Content

At the end of the day from my experience on both client and my personal account, its content that drives engagement. However I lean more towards the ‘Creator’ account type given its a slight step above in what instagram provides as analytics.


Well ok but I clearly can see the difference between 1 year ago and now.
The rich is much more limited. I dont know whether its the same for all acounts but nomatter the content, I get much less likes and views than lets say a year ago. I have very solid content so its not a problem.
I read on many forums that instagram has limited everyones reach to force people to use more their paid service for promoting content. bastards

I changed my account to Business, but did not see a drop in the number of followers. Plus with a Business account, you can look at the Insights

I recently did a post on this discussing my experiences changing some accounts from business profiles that were business from day one to personal and saw a good spike in engagement and reach. Basically my theory is, IG limits reach for business profiles because that way they are more likely to be spend money on ads.

You can check the detailed thread out here:
–> [CASE STUDY] My Shocking Findings On Business Profile vs Personal Profile 📈

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I believe that IG DOES limit the engagement after you buy ads but maybe it’s not as intentionally malicious as it seems. Is there another reason why this might happen? Is it impression based?

Running 98 percent of my accounts creator – no difference at all

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I’ve just changed my account from business to personal. Typically I hit most of the hashtags in top 9 that I’m actually targeting on most of my content.
Will be monitoring it for a month or so on post reach, new followers and organic likes etc.

If you were already hitting top 9 why did you change and what difference do you expect ?

I never seem to gain new followers, I never had any impressions on Explore.
I also think that having read people’s posts that Business accounts maybe throttled.
So just a test really.

I had a drop in engagement since i switched to creator, but i dont know for sure the reasons behind that. Could be my content (although its the same when not even better quality now) or summer/vacation drop or 100 other reasons…