🇮🇹 Real Instagram Followers Active ITALIAN - GROWTH NETWORK CAMPAIGNS

Hello MP users,

after few years being part of this community, from where I learn a lot from all of you,

I decided to open my first sales thread (first but not last!).

I own a huge network of fan pages on IG, Telegram and I’m able to create campaigns to grows Real Italian followers to every kind of account, doesn’t matter niche or size.

Price is 55€ each 1000 Active Followers coming through our ADS.

Min Order: 500 Max.Order (monthly): 5.000

Delivery Time:

12-72H After Payment.

Payment method: Paypal, Bitcoin, Stripe.

Shop now:
500 Followers - https://bit.ly/500mpsocial
1000 Followers -https://bit.ly/1000mpsocial

If you want to purchase 3000, please buy 3 times the 1000 Followers Package.
If you want to purchase 1500, please buy 3 times the 500 Followers Package.

Disclaimer: I’m in the Social Media game since 2015. I have been through thousands of sellers of Fake Followers. This has nothing to do with my service.


Do I need to share my password for get the followers?

  • No, we only need the username. In any case, we need the profile to be set as public and not private, in order to allow us to track the results of the advertising campaign.

Are you followers real and active?

  • Yes, I deliver traffic through your profile thanks to my marketing strategy.

Will these account unfollow me after receiving them?

  • You can expect a % of drop of Followers, since my Followers are real and active.

Content is king.

Why the costs of your followers is higher than the one from SMM Panel?

  • Because we drive real users to your profile, they will watch what you post, they will watch your stories if curious, they can fall in love with your contents. If you want offer a Top Notch Growth for your customers (which means you can charge them more) then you go with my targeted followers.

They are all active users, no bot, range of age 10-24years. With the right strategies, they can be loyal followers for all life.

Refund Policy:

Refund will be only issued if we are not able to provide service only 7 days after the payment.

Contact Details:
Telegram: @socialservicesprovider
Skype: trhall94

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Thread approved. Good luck with the sales!

Congratulations on your first sales thread :slight_smile: Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot!

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I’m accepting order guys!

:point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:


Coupon still valid.

Messaged on skype


Accepting order! Best growth services for VIP Social Media Management !

Accepting orders :slight_smile:

Delivered 3000 Followers in 3 days to some MP user! Feel invited to try the service :slight_smile:

Are you offering a free TRIAL?

I ordered 1000 followers some days ago! Everything was fast, reliable and for now I don’t see drop off! Let’s see the next months but for me this service is 10/10!

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@starman waiting for your answer…

invited to try the service…

Hey, you can try a smaller packages of 250 Followers for 1/4 of the price. Hit me in DM

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Delivered other 2k Followers to 2 MP users.
Please share your feedback once order is done.


Accepting order.

just to clarify… when you invite someone means that you will pay…(when there’s a cost) If I invite you a coffee I will pay for it, I won’t say I invite you to try a coffee and you pay for it… :slight_smile:
you are not inviting to try because you are charging, you are not offering a trial ;).

Anyway will DM you we have many Italian customers.

Maybe there was a misunderstanding.
Feel free to write me on Skype today for have a 250 Followers for Free.

Grazie mille!!

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