Real M/S providers, not Igramify scammers

Hey guys,

As the title tells, I’m looking for real M/S quality providers.

I got contacted last month by @keaddz and Igramify proposing me the service, but he didn’t provide anything. When I say nothing, it’s legit nothing. A few days after I payed, Instagram did updates and he couldn’t provide it anymore. He told me that he was looking for a solution and two weeks later still nothing. Requested a refund yesterday and that’s his answer. He ignored me since then on WhatsApp and here.

He played the nice guy until I paid the 750€. After that, I was the one requesting news every week as he didn’t care. You can keep your 750€ @keaddz and go to hell.

That being said, if any of you can provide a quality M/S service, contact me please.


How many child slave accounts for this price?
Sorry for you.

wow, and he’s level 3 also! so that’s the best of the best where you get there only by ivitation?! Im sorry about this, i think there are some good providers here in the forum! good luck OP hope you get your money back and this is gonna get solved ASAP! I Feel you!


He told me that I would get something like 200 slaves for this price. Just to let you know, I’m willing to put more for a lot less slaves, as long as the service is provided.

I’m managing the career of a few artists. If someone can provide steady results, I’m willing to expand it to 5-10 orders for M/S.

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What a shame. Stupid fake providers. “No refund after 7 days, read our TOS”. As if a M/S service would provide any result in 1 week…

So you just have to pray, trust him and hope his service is working ? If it works, it’s cool, and if it doesn’t, you’re fucked and not refunded ?

Many users here still think they can provide services after apocalyptic June, but actually most of them can’t. Because they just can’t handle so many slaves with all the blocks - - - But some STILL try to get new clients eventho they know they’ll get nothing for it ?

If that is true, they have nothing to do here. They just put dirt on this community


Firstly, how their TOS could be “no refund after 7 days” if the whole setup of M/S might take at least 2 weeks?
3. Secondly, I assume he is just pumping up with fake followers from SMM panels instead of doing the actual M/S setup for you.


Nasty practice :face_vomiting:


I feel like Denis to be honest. This situation made me think less of MP Social. I was considering level 2 users as trustworthy, and to see that we can even be scammed by a level 3 is quite discouraging

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I sent you a PM but will just post here as a bookmark for me.

First off, I’m sorry to hear about your experience. A lot of providers really were affected by the constantly shifting IG algorithms. I hope you get your refund soon.

As I said on pm, I currently have 3 networks vacant. Willing to work with you as soon as I find out your specifics.

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@keaddz do you really owe money to this guy? Would like to hear your part of the story too before making any accusations. From the chat your position looks very sketchy, if it’s like how he described then you owe him a full refund. No amount of IG fucked it up should come in front of the refund.


Yeah, I would like to hear that as well.

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@keaddz Shame on you ! You are level 3 !

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We love to see leaders step in an act appropriately by solving or taking action too so people can still have faith that higher levels are trustworthy. Situations like these dont do the board community any good… @Arthuditu @ian and so on.

Whatever the truth is. Let’s keep this community healthy, helpful and especially NOT greedy!


Ohh people, you think that at higher levels everyone has a golden solution and everyone is doing automation there without problems.
This is a misconception.
If something works, every level will find out.
Maybe not level 1.
But 2 for sure.
Why are levels made?
That the information we share would not be quickly blocked by instagram, and a typical amataor, will enter this forum and take all the information and in return will do nothing.
And he will earn.

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I didn’t say it, but thinking this out loud aswell.

Still need to hear the story, but anyway in general, we should get rid of these kind of persons.

I honestly can’t believe some people get level 3 without enough knowledge to fend of the blocks or even be professional in his services (he could either extend it or offer you a refund). Not trying to sound big headed but even while my accounts are working at a rate of around 90% with no blocks (knock on wood) and having knowledge I couldn’t share on lvl 1 or 2 I still couldn’t get lvl 3 for months.

How was the payment made? If it was through paypal or even stripe you can still recover it.

This subject has nothing to do with userlevels guys. Stick rather to the point. OP seems to have paid for a service he has not received. Now if he got this service through the marketplace this should ofcourse be refunded, I believe almost everyone agrees to that. But if he made a purchase through pm, which everyone is warned about, then this is a lesson learned for him.

You’re trolling right? @Micky

We’re talking about scam (if the story is true)
We’re talking about scam by a member lvl3 not the other way around (if the other way around yes then lesson learned i guess)
We’re talking about someone with a marketplace (offered by PM or not)
We’re talking about MPsocial not turning into everyone for themselves survival of the fittest where scamming, bad practice, distrust,… are common practice.

Again IF the story is true. Cause it’s still the internet you know


Like what makes you think I am trolling! I meant every word I said. And what makes you believe you can throw that word at anyone, whos comment you don’t like! I have seen you do it before.
Now let me tell you something that you might not have discovered yet even though you are lvl 3 yourself. Almost all former people from before some date in 2017 or 2018 I believe it is are granted lvl3 Privileges. These are people who was with this products from the very early days. So being a lvl3 doesn’t necessarely mean you are bulletproof or have superpower or super knowledge.
We have some very skilled people here, hats of for those people but by far everyone has climbed their ways to lvl3. Even today we got members who just joined and are granted lvl3 right away.
And as mentioned before, if some sale is approved in the marketplace, then it should be refunded as obviously service isn’t delivered. But if some sort of sale is made through pm, then why should userlevels be blamed? I don’t see the point. A userlevel does not bring security or guarantee.

Read what @HenryCooper writes. Anything which is sold in PM, STAY AWAY FROM IT.

@Micky for sure :v::blush: lvl3 being skilled or not was the least important point i pointed out however. Sorry if you felt offended