Reasons for receiving hard blocks

Why do I receive hardblocks?
Is there a way to avoid hardblocks?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There are many reasons for the hardblocks, it can be your proxy/IP, using aggressive actions, accessing the account from your phone while the account is working in the MP/Jarvee app …

Also, you need to use scrapers to avoid doing too many API calls from the main account, you can check the guide below.

It will be better if you can contact the MP/Jarvee support team, they can check your settings as well and help you out.

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mostly to many relogs/device ID resets and or to less suspension time on temp blocks ( like further trying to follow even you are blocked)

Yes, I agree, but I think the guy is new to this area, and I think he should know the principle things first :slight_smile:

This is usually from

  1. Proxies being detected, not using quality 4G proxies
  2. too aggressive with the settings on your actions, either not having rest periods adequately, operating 24/7, doing them too quickly between each action which shows its not human etc.
  3. copyright infringements - if you’re reposting without crediting the original creator this can generally lead to some of the hardest blocks i’ve witnessed