Recently anyone get back disabled account?

Hi, Recently I’ve submitted many Instagram disabled account for reactivation. Unfortunately no account has been reactivated this month. Please let me if anyone succed to get back your disabled account.

Yes, appeals are working better than the last 3-4 months

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Just keep it up, be persistent :slight_smile:

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yes, you can get an account back using appeals, but you should try different stuff not use the same method again and again, you should find some great ideas here on mpsocial about getting an account back like this thread:

have you gotten your account back?

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And the time. How much time it will take?

If we appeals and use diffrent stuffs and much time it take to have your account back?

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No. Even no reply from Instagram

Recently we submitted 180 disable account recover appeals.

Only 7 accounts reactivated.

Very bad ratio.
How much time it took for those 7 accounts?

15 days.

3 month ago we submitted 112 and get back 34 accounts

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2 to 3 weeks normally @rose

Hi! My account got disabled yesterday, I am still in the 24 hours review process. Do you have any idea of the reason they disabled your account? I’m trying to figure out what might have happened to mine. Thx

If you don’t have an idea about that, nobody here will be able to tell you.

it take 2/3 weeks

Please share your strategy