Remove metadata and hash a video before reposting

Hello everyone! I’m looking for a solution that will allow me to resolve an inconvenience that I’m experiencing every time I repost a reel or photo from another creator. Before I begin, I want to allow that, as a matter of fairness, I always give credit to the original author of the post. I have no intention of attributing ownership of other people’s content to myself.

In practice, when I download a reel from Instagram, using third-party applications and solutions, such as Telegram bots or the SnapInsta site, and republish the content on my profile, I experience a sort of “freezing of views”, in addition to the prevention of reach the “Reel” or “Explore” section.

I tried to search the internet and ask for help on various forums, and some people told me that, before reposting another user’s content, you need to clean the metadata and modify the hash of the file, be it an image or a video.

In this regard, I found several tools, including FFmpeg, Exiftool and BatchPurifier (which should eliminate the metadata from the file), as well as software for editing the MD5 hash, of which, if you want, unless you already know it , I can provide you with the link to download it.

That said, I wanted to take advantage of suggestions from an experienced user to deal with my problem. I wanted to know which of the various tools, although they are equivalent in terms of quality, is the best for removing the metadata of a file. As for modifying the MD5 hash, I think the solution I’m using is almost excellent; however, if anyone has anything else to recommend, I’m open to any suggestions.

I want to point out that, before using the above utilities, I used two online tools to make changes to the content, without obtaining satisfactory results. In fact, my reel got no interactions or shares. However, if you have any other options to suggest, I’m happy to hear your suggestions. Thank you again for your reply. Sorry for my bad English.

Is this a good start?

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I thought Jarvee make images and videos unique. Support said this and there functions to set up it

I just asked MP support. They said MP does not make vids unique. Need external programs. Any recommendation ?

That website has been suspended. :pensive:

I used to have a freeware that could just clip a small fraction of the video like 0,1 sec and make the vids unique but I do not recall the name rn. I will def post it as soon as i check my old pc. It used to it in bulk

Was it a batch script or portable software with a graphic interface?

A software with a graphic interface pretty easy to use not complicated at all just select the files and start the process.

Here you go all enjoy

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Hi! Thank you so much for replying to me. You are very kind. Have you ever used this programme to edit a downloaded reel or video and then post the content on TikTok or Instagram without either platform limiting the visibility of your post? If so, have you found success? Have you performed this procedure recently?

I have used it some times ago and for me it worked.

Have you tried this process to make changes to videos downloaded from Instagram and TikTok, or from one of these two platform? Also, how long have you been using this program? I’m asking you these questions because I’m interested in a solution that still works today. Thank you for your availability and patience.

It will not harm to try it yourself i left the link above the software is safe and legit since comes from github.

I asked MP support again - the software does change a video before posting so not need external programs

Ok, got it. I will try it, and I’ll let you know if I manage to bypass Instagram and TikTok’s algorithm.

Yes, it looks like the software changes MD5’s file before posting a video downloaded from Instagram and TikTok, as well as the same value of any kind of file. I strongly hope to succeed in bypassing social media algorithms, especially those filters which limit the visibility of my posts when I upload a video downloaded from others creators.

Just make sure you have the setting to make images and video unique on.

I tried downloading a reel from Instagram and using the above software to change the MD5 hash to the file. However, after uploading the reel to my profile, Instagram limited the visibility of my post, preventing me, as usual, from reaching new users. I don’t know how others manage to download other people’s reels and republish them without incurring visibility limitations from Instagram. It’s a mistery.

I could make my videos unique by making slight changes. However, I don’t know how to operate. I wouldn’t want the changes to be too obvious to the point of distorting the video. I rely on your experience, guys. Of course, I want to point out that I always give credit to the original owner of the content. I don’t want to take ownership of the same videos downloaded from Instagram, even if I have to make a small change to them. I just want to bypass this fucking Instagram restriction.

So theres a difference between usings
Someone elses post and bot getting flagged and making a post viral.

The hd5 and changing metadata helps you avoid post blocks and issues around that but it will not go viral. You need some heavy duty editing to do that.

Im not sure if you meant your post got shadow banned or you just mean it wont go viral.

I meant, my post got shadow-banned. Only my followers could see it. Instagram prevented me from going in reel sections. The view numbers are less than or equal to the number of my followers. I see other people reposting other people’s content without applying heavy edits to it. However, I did not remove the metadata from the downloaded reel, because, from what I understand, as soon as content is uploaded by a user, Instagram already removes the metadata from the photo or video.So, I didn’t use software to delete the metadata. I rely on your experience. You certainly know a lot more than me.

Don’t remove all metadata either because normally IG / Tiktok etc expect metadata to match that of your user agent. So if you’re uploading from an iPhone it includes certain data points in the file. You can code a custom solution using PHP / Python exif libraries