Reocurring PV's on specific niches

Hi guys. The last month i’ve been experiencing a lot of struggles with my Instagram accounts. I currently have about 70 running. It started out with about 20 accounts getting disabled out of nowhere. I changed proxies and got all my accounts back. I’m using Henry’s 4G proxies now. But the last two weeks, i’ve suddenly gotten over 15 PV’s out of nowhere. When i received my accounts back, the majority got a PV within 1 hour after regaining it. It’s also pretty niche related; luxury niche is totally fine, fashion and tech niche are struggling with PV’s.

Has anyone experienced the same problem? Or does anyone have any feedback or help for me? Much appreciated!

You need to search the forum, almost all the problems have been reported many times already.

Check this main thread from top to bottom

its a long one but you will get a good understanding of all the issues we are having.

You can´t do more automation now if you don´t do your research and change all your automation process to avoid the new bans.

Are the usernames + bios similar?