RePin Tool for duplicating pins

Hello guys.

Please, I need a tool that can repin my posts from my board A to my other board B. or from any other board to my board, and keep duplicating. anything except jarvee, please

Since you don’t want to use jarvee, my best recommendation is tailwind, which has a loop pins feature. It’s pricey, though.

Thank you, but this is very expansive to me i need a free or cheap tool that can do that

@halloumi If you are starting right now and you want to start seeing results you need to invest some money upfront.

Sure there are some great free methods out there. But when it comes to proffesional software, most of the times it gets expensive.

okay thank you

You can try ninjapinner too

If do you know a little bit coding, you can mess around with pinterest API’s.