Repin videos pins and changing destination URL


Hello, guys, I’m just starting my Pinterest automation journey, and I have a couple of questions in mind.

  • 1- Is there a tool to repin video pins while changing the destination URL ?

  • 2- I’m thinking of using some automation program for Pinterest (repining and creating group boards)
    what do you guys recommend as a software?

  • 3- I want to create multiple Pinterest accounts, should I create them locally and then move them to the automation software (of course i will use proxies)? Or its better to create them with proxies from the beginning?

Thanks you so much!


1/ i think repin can’t change destination URL, only download and pin as new one.
2/ you’re in this forum, i think you’re using MP which the best tool now for automatic.
3/ proxies from the beginning is the best.


1- Tailwind allows you to change the pin url destination when you schedule one. It is not automatic, you have to go in and change it but the field is there when you schedule.

2- Tailwind has automatic-ish pinning. You have to load up a bunch of pins and it will shed them out for you. They have tribes as group boards are almost useless at this point due to spamming.

Don’t know about multiple accounts as I only run one, sorry!