Repinning Repinned Brand Pins Again?

I repinned my Brand Pin through my network of 20 Pinterest Accounts and around 3 Group Boards per Account. All in all you could say that I have a reach of more than 70k users, but yet I am not seeing any traffic after 2 days. 2 CLICKS AFTER TWO DAYS.

Originals Picture which looks not so bad in my opinion. I only got 29 repins for this Pin. Now my question:

What if I repin this picture with my 20 Accounts again after 1 or 2 weeks?

Would this look spammy? Should I just repin the Pin in group boards and not on my own board so it doesn’t look to obvious to Pinterest?

Right now I only repin in 3-4 group boards after distributing my Brand Pin through my network. Should I repin the post with the same accounts on 3-4 other group boards the next day and so on?

Therefore I would increase my reach and number of pins.

Any ideas and opinions?

I would use a different image, but maybe people just don’t like whatever that is… Maybe you should just move on instead of focusing on one picture…

Do you really think another picture would make a big difference? I posted dozen of boring pictures without a link and received 10 to 20 repins. I chose this picture, because very popular pins look similar.

How long does it take for you to see a good amount of traffic after publishing a post? I heard that it can take months till a post gets viral and brings a good amount of traffic since the smart feed was etablished.

Post more exciting things instead of boring, you should pin at least 10 pictures per day and of those 10 probberly 8 will do louzy and 2 will do well (the 80/20 rule), just one pin with what you think is a great picture is not going to bring you a lot of traffic, creating 10 pins per day isn’t that hard if you setup some templates in photoshop or you use the free version of

Don’t know your skillset but if you need i have a link to a course somewhere that teaches you how to do that, let me know if your interested and i’ll look it up for you.

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Thanks for your help @DaveNL DaveNL, but is it really wise to post the same URL with another Picture 10 times per day? Or should I make a shedule and post one URL every two weeks with another picture every time?

As far as I know Pinterest doesn’t like it when you post the same URL again and again. I don’t want my Domain to be banned. And if I post 10 Pins per day with my link how can I distribute them through my network?

@adnan said you have to repin more stuff from other people than from yourself.

You seem to have experience, can you give me some insign in your work-flow? :slight_smile:

What do you mean the same url? No you need to have content on your site, i have a site in crafting, i dropship crafting products, this is how i do it, i go to my PLR database and get me a clickbait article on some crafting subject, l get pictures for my article, as i don’t give a shit about SEO i don’t care if it is duplicated, if it needs some updating i will do that, but most of the times the articles go as is…

Now i have an x amount of pictures in my article and i have one picture that i use to post into groep boards, now here is the trick that use to waterdown my own url, lets say i have an article on woodworking, i would create 5 to 7 boards about woodwork sub niches like wood, tools, plans stuff like that and divide all the pictures over these groups, you will not get banned for that.

My crafting main account has more then 200 “different” pictures linked to my crafting site, the smart thing here is that you have also other pins on your board so that is doesn’t look like you’re just promoting something, pinterest is aware that 99% of the people on it are there to make a view $$$ and they don’t mind that as long as you don’t go overboard and share your traffic with others like others share their traffic with you…

It’s all about sharing baby

You really should read a ebook that i have that would explain some of the basics that you clearly don’t master yet

If you haven’t, read it… I taught me a thing of 6

Good luck.


First of all, thanks for the link. I just took a short look and it looks very promising.

I will read it in the next days and re-think my strategy. If you don’t mind I would like to ask you some questions after I read the resources to clean my confusion about your strategy. :grin:

Just drop your questions here maybe some other specialist like @Adnan can drop in and give some advice, i am no specialist or guru in anyway but you seem to have your basics a bit wrong and i can help you wit that as i do understand the basics