Reprofiling accounts from 4g mobile proxy

Hello there , so i got alot of accounts disabled when reprofiling (delete image , change username …etc) them from bot , so i’m currently reprofiling them from instagram app from a samsung galaxy 4 with a 4g network , i have some questions about the process :

  • when i reprofile them from phone , how much time should i wait before adding them to bot ?
  • i’m currently reprofiling 5 accounts per day , what should i do before starting the prcess with new accounts ? ( reset factory settings - change ip …etc ) please be specify at this point as i’m a newbie .

thanks in advance for the help .

I think they will be bad, even if you change them.

In 2 minutes extra, you can make them brand new with your 4g. Why dont do that? Profile them directly how you want et voila.

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and what should i do when i want to restart the process ? should i reset the phone to factory settings ?
@dma0245 :thinking:

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@AbuBakr Yeah i did that in last 2 months, you could reset phone to factory but its not necessary

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@SZarkic okay thanks ! 'm happy that it’s not necessary , but what should i do when i want to restart the process with new 5 accounts , should i just turn airplane mode on and off and i’m ready to go ? + i’m using the instagram app is that the right way to do it ?

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@AbuBakr if you use ig’s app it should be simple, reprofile one account and turn on and off mobile data, and rinse and repeat for 5 accs :slight_smile:

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@SZarkic it’s not just 5 accounts , i’m reprofiling 5 accounts per day
today 5 accounts tomorrow 5 accounts , when i finish the first 5 accounts what should i do before starting with the new 5 accounts ?
how much time do you wait before adding accounts to bot ? :thinking:

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24hrs from the day i reprofiled them :slight_smile:

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@SZarkic Thanks ! and the other question ?

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Agh, sorry didnt see that one, download latest apk of instagram, it will be in your downloads folder, put phone on airplane mode, go in apps delete cache, delete data from instagram, unistall it!, than install that apk and turn on normal connection! :slight_smile: thats the way i do it btw it worked for me


@SZarkic you helped me alot man , you just made my day ! thank you so so much :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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No worries, i just registered here and see that there is a lot off fellow instagramers, i run 35 accs currently but im looking too stack a 100 :slight_smile:

If you simply delete the data, then it’s fine in the most of the cases, but instagram app use your device ID to know how much account is linked to that ID. That’s why people simply suggest to do factory reset. It will wipe out most of the footprints.

i’m running 10 , in the last 3 days i spent alot of money on aged accounts/proxies beceause i wanted to go for 70 accounts , unfortunately most of the accounts got disabled , i though the problem was from proxy so i tried like 3 proxy providers and the accounts still got banned , and then i tried to reprofile the accounts on my 4g connection and then add them to bot , and it seems to be working.

Use Android device ID changer app to change device ID

If you have a rooted device, then changing device ID is just a two-tap process. You can use any reliable Android device ID changer app and it will change the device ID with a random one with just two taps. I have tried multiple apps for this purpose and Device ID Changer by VTechno seems most trustable to me. If you don’t mind a few non-intrusive ads, then go for this free app. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Install Device ID Changer app and launch it.

  2. Tap on the “Random” button in the “Edit” section to generate a random device ID.

  3. Afterwards, tap on the “Go” button to immediately change the generated ID with your current one.


I don’t know weather Instagram use that ID or something else(because jarvee use too long ID). But if it is work for you, then I’m happy with it :slight_smile:

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Which proxies do you use when adding them to bot?
I thought about this too, but when you use 4G mobile proxies changing profil pic, bio, username should not be a problem because it looks like doing it on a smartphone


From your thread the other day. @Fantazma gave you the best advice.

Normally thats what I would do (or something along those lines). However I was in a rush and had previously reprofiled accounts fully in one setting with zero issues so I just went for it.

I analyzed the 30% of the accounts that went to disabled.

1 used outlook - the rest were on
1 had a legit phone number still attached to it - the rest I had removed the number
A few were 1:1 on proxies. -the rest were 2-3 per proxy

So for me, I overprofiled and did that to too many accounts that were unknowingly on the same IP.

All of them had a tool left on.

So for me it was being greedy and doing too much too fast without checking everything.

AKA I was an idiot and paid the price.

You can reprofile all of your accounts using a phone, but that’s an unnecessary amount of work, and you are likely going to leave fingerprints.

A much easier method would be to download JARVEE locally, import the accounts as binary and use your phone tethered and simply get a new IP for when you profile a new one.

Or just use @Fantazma 's method. Nice and slow. I am adding 30 new accounts and will be taking it slow this time.

For you to lose those accounts after only adding them and deleting posts sounds like really bad accounts. Verify them, leave them alone for a day or two, then try to delete a post or two, not a lot, just 1-2. See if that account gets disabled. If it does, don’t do that.

Or if you are determined to reprofile this way, why not take @dma0245 's advice and simply make accounts using them methods everyone laid out for you. You’ll have complete control over the account creation so you’ll know the quality.


i deleted posts yesterday from accounts and totally rprofiled them , today i added them to JARVEE and started running follow/send dm action , they are still standing .

for the creation of accounts through my 4g phone as @dma0245 suggested , i honestly have no idea how to do that without leaving fingerprints , can you recommend a good way to hide as much fingerprints as possible ?


There is no shortage of methods in the forum. Glad to hear your accounts survived. I am adding mine today and profiling tomorrow.

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