Request for PV verification but no SMS is received. What Can I do?

Hello everyone,

I manage an account which is getting PV checks every few days: also 2 days ago but the code is still getting doesn’t sent through to them at present. (by sms)

What Can I do? I sent a report to IG, and they sent an email: “please try and try, because there is not a problem from us”

Can you help me please to resolve that?
Thanks in advance! :pray:t2:

Tell the client to log in via his browser, not with the app.
Then repeat the process. That worked for one of my clients.

Background: My team is doing 200-300 phone verification each day since the past year or so

Instagram lately is having issues with sms codes not sending or just they come really-really slow, sometimes it takes 10-20 minutes for it to get in, sometimes it doesn’t get in.

This has nothing to do with your proxies, your account quality , etc. It’s just instagram

I tryed, and Tryed some mins ago. But nothing!

Oh… I’m waiting for from 2 days. I tryed some mins ago but nothing for now.

It’s a problem… :frowning:

In that case did you try a diffrent phone number ?

I can change phone number?

why not… ig allows it

ok… I try!!!

If that does not work, you can try to request for the code again after 48-72 hours.

Usually when this happened to me it helped when I changed to the fresh new SIM card number.

GREAT! I changed SIM, and Ig sent the code. Thanks a lot.

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Nice, glad it worked for you as well.

But now I’m thinking: may be it’s necessary to change the proxy?
I’m using proxies Datacenter, and I never had problem until I used ipv6 (usually I used ipv4). [Problem in that case mean PV]

But for another account with ipv4 proxy I’m haveing problems PV.

What do think about it?

try other number should fix the issue

Revolved it: I changed the number! Thanks a lot :hugs:

Yeah I’ve had similar issues in the past, glad it all worked out!

Oh yes! But What do you think about it? The reasons are the proxies?

Hey! How do you get the phone numbers for yourself for doing the SMS Verify?


I used a number of my colleague. But If you search on that forum, you can find the system :wink: