Request Phone Validation serveral times

Hi everyone,

unfortunately IG continues to call me Phone validation, even if it has been a week since I stopped every action of MP or other bots.

(last week I had to change the number to get the confirmation code, because IG didn’t send it to me. Thanks to those who suggested it to me Request for PV verification but no SMS is received. What Can I do?).

What do you think needs to be done? What is going on? Today it was asked twice already

Thanks in advance

Change proxies or change your account provider

Thanks a lot for your suggest.

Change proxies”: But with other account that I’m managing, the same proxies doesn’t have problem.
and, IG asked me “phone validation” but I stopped the bot on my profile 5 days ago!
Account provider”: what is it?

Thanks in advance

Is this on slave accounts or some really important account of yours?

Really important.

Which numbers did you use?


italian numbers (numbers that I used every day, not fake numbers)

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What type of proxies are you using and where did you get the accounts/how did you create them?

Do you keep accounts valid in jarvee? Even though you stopped all the actions?

How long has it been exactly, more than 7 days?

Delayed PV’s can occur for around 7 after the initial trigger.

I’m using datacenter proxies. The account I created 4 years ago on IG. It’s not a fake

I would say try different proxies, that your proxies work for some accs doesn’t mean they will work for all of them, especially if they are datacentre…

? Yes, “valid” login. Infact PV request when My client shared a story from phone
Only 5 days stopped

Surelly… also if working well until 2 weeks ago?

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If i’d stop for 1 week?

well yeah especially then, around 2-4 weeks ago most datacentre stopped working and many people started shifting towards res/mobile, just try it out and lmk if it works :slight_smile:

Make sure you don’t have accounts valid in jarvee. Stop them or better remove it all together until the PV’s stop.

Next, PV’s may last for up to 7 days after the initial trigger.

Make sure you use mobile proxies afterwards.

Provider? Phone provider? Italian

Buy mobile proxy providers, not datacenter. But that will only be relevant to you after PV’s stop.

OK! The way is:

  • stop 7 days (also login on Jervee, not validation!)
  • after 7 days, restart with mobile proxy

What do you think about it?

Yeah especially if it’s an important account to you, keep it away from datacenter!