[REQUEST] Mega-Thread back to lvl 1

Hi admins,
Wanted to know what did you move the mega thread to lvl 2 access… I heard that there was another Mega Thread for older members with a lvl 2 access.
Please get the mega-thread back to lvl 1 access if its possible, I was being really active in that thread, sharing with the community my conversations with jarvee and updates.
Some new members, like me, since 4 days ago, because of the problems with jarvee. We just found this community and its awesome, please dont kick us out of the threads that are important like that one.
Thanks, I hope there is something the admins can do, to stay with one mega-thread in lvl 1 acess.

PD: If for now, you guys can update our information writing us (lvl 1 members) in this thread, it would be really nice!


I assume its doing more harm then good leaving it at lvl 1 as IG employees and the public can also read it. A possible solution could be setting up 2 seperate Mega threads for lvl 1s and another for level 2s. With the level 2 providing a bit more insight.

I am sure some members with only level 1 access could also give some helpful insight to the topic but they cant really do so without having access to the main thread.


how do i get to lvl 1 or 2?

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Yes thats the idea, that at least we get some general information about the problem and solutions on this topic

My friend, there are levels, that you earn being “x” days in mpsocial, reading “x” posts, having “x” likes. Its all about stats, so there is no way someone with one week in the page can get lvl 2… there are minimum requirements.
The level thing is to get access to more information in the forum.
I hope this answer your question, I am quite new tho.


i would like also to know how to reach lvl 2 …
if they have there a solution i would even pay for it lol


There’s a reason it went to level 2. I know it’s frustrating for people on level 1 but there is a method to the madness and there are things that cannot stay public. It is frustrating on the level 2 side as well when there are a lot of new members losing their shit, opening 200 of the same thread, and panicking like the sky is falling.
I would say you should contribute to the community and instead of asking for things to be level 1, do the work to get to level 2 and show MP social that you belong there.


shhhht yesterday i was on a topic of that follow block on bots and now i can’t access it…

As @mcoustasse says, just be active in the community. There’s a message you should have received from one of the admins, that has a link to how levels work on discourse. You can also Google it, I believe.


It feels unfair, but that’s what levels are for. I’m just a basic user but I agree with it being moved to level 2. Mainly to keep any new fixes under used while they get tested.

I find the idea that level 2 is somehow immune from the peeking eyes and finances of large corporations a little laughable though.
Still I think the move to level 2 is a good idea.

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yup definitely :grin:

For anyone interested - User Levels Explained

(easily found using the search button above that everyone has access to) :wink:


I opened it… Any chance of being invited to it?

thank you sir
also if i would liek to get invited how can it be possible

Please read the link above. It does not work on invitations, but on contributions.

We’ve all passed through the same process btw, this is nothing new. I came as level 1 and contributed my way up.


Any news about the megathread of that blocking wave on instagram bots?


In the words of Drake “Started from the bottom, now we’re here”

I reffered to the specific thread…
But I get the idea, hopefully will get lvl2 soon

There is no option in which you can access a specific thread if you don’t have access to the level. I think the forum software does not support it at all (but zero idea tbh).

You’ve been around for some time and are doing better than most atm so you’ll be there soon.

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As a lvl 1, it’s frustrating, since I was following along really closely, but at the same time it’s very understandable that it has been moved to lvl 2.