Rooting an iphone then cloning instagram app... safe or not safe?

hey I was wondering if this idea worked. say if I was to root an iPhone 6s plus then clone the Instagram app and say I had 4 accounts on each app which would be a total of 8 accounts then I would do these steps
1-log out of Instagram completely
2-turn on airplane mode for 30 seconds then turn it off and the phone switches back to 4G mobile, which changes the iphones IP
3-log into a different Instagram account
4-repeat to log in the other accounts safely

would this process work because the phone will have a different IP everytime I do this process and each account be safe or does Instagram look at different things such as device ID or if they do look at something else besides different IP addresses can you let us know because I had 4 accounts on my iPhone and for some reason they banned my personal account completely without any explanation and I was never able to get in touch with anyone from Instagram because no one would ever respond and then on top of this I was not able to log into the other accounts from my phone and it said my iPhone was not allowed to use instagram but I could log into them from other devices and I never tried the turning on then turning off airplane mode so I could never see if worked because I had gotten rid of that phone… so let me know what you guys think

Sounds like you’re on the right path and already have the answer, just looking for more validation?

Reading more would let you know that yes in fact instagram tracks more than just the ip.

A simple google search such as: would have led you to a topic such as this: [GUIDE] [2019] Instagram ++ is Instagram on Steroids 💪 where this has been discussed and you might have seen this answer:

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You have to dig deep into what IDs a phone has and you have to test on which Instagram is looking at when it comes to creation.

  1. Research on which IDs your phone has (Google). I have an Android so on iPhone things could be different.
  2. Find out how to change or spoof them to appear to Instagram as a new device.
  3. Write down all parameters and setup a creation process which makes sense in your eyes. At the beginning try to make every little step you think that is required based on your research
  4. Create accounts in batches of 10, 20 or 30 accounts. The more the better proof you have how solid the creation was.
  5. When you created them successfully which is the first step (not having sign up errors) plug them into software and test how they perform. Same thing here run them in batches, write everything down and make tests with different settings. Some of the batches can run pretty aggressive ones as you want to test how they perform and they are test accounts anyway.
  6. When you 1) don’t have sign up errors and the accounts are running for a time (the more the better proof) you know the current method has a very high chance to be strong.

Prepare to invest some time in this. It’s difficult but doable when you put in the effort to test everything out.


I try that way ,but I fail ,I dont know how you cloning the app , can you tell the detail ?
I try to change the apple id , imei , location …everything I can image , but still fail ,dont know why