Run jarvee ig account without scapers

Is it possible to run Jarvee with just 1 main account and no scapers? Right now I have this set up, but it gives me the following message: Error 550: Cannot execute because you don’t have any valid IG accounts logged in.

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I still don’t know if u can or can’t . But from exp I tossed my main once thinking I’ll be ok and few min later temporary lock so idk maybe I did something wrong.

Can u login to ur acc?

Yup, the account is logged in with Jarvee

Your account will not last.

Even if I add the like/follow/unfollow sources manually?

The problem I am facing right now is that every single time I create a new scraper account it gets banned after 1 day… However, within that day the scraper can gather quite a few sources which the main account can action.

I have not tried to run the main account without scrapers, but I imagine it would work? You might as well operate manually, without Jarvee imo. Automation is the reason for Jarvee.

If your manually-built scraper only lasted one day, you probably over-used it. You will need to set API call limits in future. Unless you are an expert, you will run into limits and problems with building too many scrapers yourself.

You can buy inexpensive scrapers from providers here. They will last about 4 or 5 days (some longer maybe), so replace them frequently. You can buy higher quality scrapers too, but they will not last if they are abused. This is my experience, yours may vary.

Where would I be able to buy these scrapers? And how much would they cost?

Check the Public Marketplace.

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I would only do that if your targeting skills are top-notch (applying almost no filters).

The more filters you apply the more you will run into problems without scrapers.

Possible, Yes. Worth the time? Probably not.

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you can use external scrape system and use “specfici user” to follow.

Try make 5 scrapers and set good api limits. Don’t go crazy with filters and let the scrapers warm up

What do you think would it work for F/U only up to 150 or 200 per day no filters if already had a list of targets to follow and just load it into jarvee.

If you already have a list of targets, why would you want to use scrapers?

exactly what ive been trying with a few testers - running directly with 4g, no scraper as I manually scrape elsewere and input into the mains. Only problem is, high api calls… and getting email verification any advice? I’ve enabled scrape with EB whenever available hopefully it knocks down calls and less email verificaiton.

Problem is for the main to run like this it can never be full with EB - you still need some sort of API connection (reply from J)

Yes, I’m not using scrapers anymore. Directly scraping with the main itself on full api emulation. Follow, Unfollow, Like, Like Comments and for some accounts Story Viewer + Repost as well.

For some people it may sound unreal, but life is much easier without scrapers. This setup is not perfect, I do get some verifications here and there but that’s part of the game now. Those few struggles are nothing compared to the time and costs of managing an army of scrapers. We’ve reached a point where we used up to 5-10 scrapers for 1 main account which is beyond me looking back now. I’m done with that.

Few months ago I thought it was crazy doing that when some people told me they are running without scrapers, but it definitely works. Sometimes we need to take a step out of the box.

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the error code 550 will show when you have this option checked (screenshot below) and you did not add any tag accounts there, the tagged accounts should be valid and using the API not the EB.

you can uncheck that option and the issue should be solved.

Also, make sure that when using only EB on the main account to have other accounts that can use the API


I have that option unchecked and don’t have any accounts in my jarvee apart from the main account and it still shows the 550 error. What am I doing wrong?

do you have this option checked?

Yes I do, should it be unchecked?

you have 2 choices, either add another account that doesn’t have that option checked and make sure it’s a valid/working account or uncheck that option on your existing account.