Running 100+ gmail accounts - proxies? Multilogin?

Hey - i have a few 100 gmail accounts. How do i keep them safe?

Do i need 4g proxies for every 50 or so accounts? To use multilogin?

Can anyone give me some advice - will be much appreciated.


If you can keep the cookies the IP address doesn’t matter much anymore. At least in my experience.

I’m not sure what you mean Dimitri can you please explain more.

avail some fast rotating 4g proxy

Did you ever had problems using gmail when traveling? You don’t even have to use a password if you are using the same browser with cookies.


I have 1000 gmail accounts sending cold emails - i don’t think it’s the same use case

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No? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@dimitri I want this as my screensaver!!!


interesting - are these accounts used to just receive or send too? I send nearly 1/2mil emails per month just using gmails, cant imagine doing that on one ip lol

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Every Chrome instance uses a proxy, and has it’s own datadir for cookies.

Each instance has a gmail, outlook,, yahoo, aol and gmx email account. 3000 email accounts on 500 instances. Once logged in it is done, no need to enter passwords anymore.

I use this system for email domain reputation. The idea is that if you have 500 gmail accounts to send email to, accounts that read your email, move it out of the social tab into the main tab, mark it as “not spam” when needed, and reply to the email it will improve the reputation of your email domain. It helps when doing email outreach and people sometimes mark your email as spam.

But it is a terrible job setting it up. I now have 500 instances and want to grow to 1000 to avoid traces.


Are you automating this process?


home made lemwarm, i like it


Yes, Python and Selenium. It was fun to make, but still needs some improvements…


looks crazy :joy: :joy: thank you for the info above man :+1:t2: :+1:t2: