S***LIST - Stuff that sucks

Hey guys! So, I know the shitlist is only for things that are promoted in marketplace so I thought I would create a thread talking about things that people have been scammed on or misinformed. Feel free to add ones you have used. (If this is not allowed, please delete)

1). Add the service/ product/ bot
2). Add your experience in a professional manner
3). If you encounter something on the shitlist you didn’t think should be on it, kindly explain your side or dm the poster/ me.
4). No promoting services to replace them. I’m not sure what the rules are on this. So best to leave it off the list.

*I have wasted a lot of money on bots and services in my journey to be an IG marketer and it sucks. Especially when you need something to work and it doesn’t. So I want to list a few bad things I’ve tried and you guys can too. Don’t keep feeding poor services/ products.



**IGrepear aka Instagramreaper
Very new to the game. He was trying to promote the bot on mp for a few days. I talked to the owner, he seemed to have a good bot. The issue was that he forced you to use his scrapers and they were more expensive than my normal ones.

So, I bought it anyway. I bought 100 scrapers and 14 were captcha on login. I emailed the owner and he didnt reply. I used the scraper and did less than 100 api calls on each account, the next day 50 scrapers died.

The following day he got a cease and desist order from Instagram and shut the website down, the website stated a refund will be given. I emailed him and he told me my subscription is still running and no refund would be given. I asked for him to replace my scrapers then and he didn’t reply.

Conclusion: The bot itself burns though scrapers very fast, his scrapers are also terrible. He just wants to sell affiliate products like his proxies and scrapers. Plus now IG is onto them.

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Anyone tried Karthik’s scrapers and services? I think he is scamming me :laughing:

Seriously, as many people know : Mass poller/massviewing.

Willingly prelevating money on people’s card, thousands of people scammed and even though you have 2 factors authentification they can go through

See my thread: Masspoller.com is a SCAM (proofs)

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Mailbot- tavel.in

This guy sells email creators. I purchased the gmail one and it didnt work. I emailed him at least 10x waiting for him to reply. One day I emailed saying ‘can you at least give me an email provider that works’.

He replied and said that he can give me outlook. The outlook bot actually worked but the api in his captcha was broken and most of the time it had errors which you still get charged for. Would cost most to create an account than to just buy on marketplace.

This was about 6 months ago so things may have changed. But I highly doubt that.

*I have lots more bad experiences but will see if anyone else contributes


Never heard of them. But I remember reading your thread awhile back. Great to keep boosting the post to warn future damages.

Karthik… yep I remember those days haha. The $1000 appcloner method which he already wrote a post about.


Yeah I was curious if the $1000 method was any different then the method he posted a few weeks before that :laughing:

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I tried him about a month ago and his services were a bunch of trash…also was bringing up a ton of malware warnings in various antivirus programs.

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Yeah definitely not a wise investment. Also only accepts Crypto so you can’t charge back

Yeah. I talked to someone that paid for it and he said it was basically the same method except laying vas to do it instead of yourself. Aka outsourcing

Stay away from tavel!
Never worked, never will.
Doesn’t answer mails, unless you want to buy more.
Easier and cheaper to buy accs.

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Can’t confirm that, though his tone is more harsh than you would expect :sweat_smile:

Just went back and counted the emails we wrote him.

  • 6x asking for help - unanswered
  • 7th asking for pricing for an upgrade - answered
  • another 3x emails asking for a refund or help - unanswered
  • Emailed from another account/email asking about how to buy - answered.

Started to see a pattern and just gave up on my 100+USD :joy:

PS: but if anyone got gmx or web.de to work on his app, pls PM me :wink:


They probably were “not” online/working while you were sending those specific emails. Other excuse : these ones end up in the trash / the other emails not !

:sweat_smile: Always same stuffs. Karma

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Yeah I had the same issue. Just ignores you until it’s something that interests him.

Good initiative :slight_smile:

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Nice initiative, will keep track to avoid these experiences.