Scammed by Fameswap Escrow

We know there are several topics from 2018 on this but it appears Fameswap Escrow still is a scam.

We attempted to sell one of our large accounts. Buyer submitted payment, we uploaded our login details to the escrow page and then two days later they emailed us saying they can’t access the account - it appears they logged in and changed the username, password, phone number and email address.

Luckily we were able to report the account hacked and regain access. It appears our accounts were accessed from Albania. We are clueless how a website can still operate while running scams for years - this needs to end.


Thanks for sharing. Hopefully this prevents a few similar scenarios from taking place.


Thanks for the heads up, anyone buying accounts from flipmass? I got few accounts like 8 months ago or something, but didn’t buy anything after that


We sure hope so - we wrote the older threads off, assumed maybe Fameswap cleaned up their act or maybe it was based on scammy sellers but it appears not.

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So just to update this thread - the buyer’s payment of $1475 that was up in the air for so long seems to have been miraculously refunded but Fameswap kept her “escrow fees” of $221 - crooks.

Of course they blocked me from their website completely yet kept all my listing up - perhaps to scam even more people by pretending to own our accounts.

We are currently reporting Fameswap to:

  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Internet Crime Complaint Center
  • Securities and Exchange Commission

If anyone know of any other measures to take against fraud websites please let us know.

We are still bewildered that a prominent website is committing regular fraud against unsuspecting users.

Please everyone - AVOID FAMESWAP


elysian11 attempted to defraud the buyer and violated Fameswap terms of service on multiple occasions. The seller repeatedly spammed through Fameswap and solicited Fameswap users with competitor services AFTER their escrow was shut down.

Regarding his escrow, after we secured funds from the buyer, we attempted to access sellers account with details that the seller provided, before logging into the account we checked if account was active on instagram and to our surprise it was not on instagram and not live, it appeared as if the account was banned. We did not proceed further. We immediately reached out to the seller to see what is going on and the seller started blaming us for stealing their account. The seller claims some Albania location which is evidently not related to Fameswap, all Fameswap staff are located in USA as seen on our contact page.

The funds have been refunded to the buyer IN FULL.

elysian11 claims to have reported the account stolen to Instagram and recovered it, but something tells us the seller is not honest here and covering up details. Due to amount of IP addresses and proxies they used on Fameswap, and spam messages they sent through our platform, we have reason to believe the seller is either working for a competitor trying to discredit our brand, or they are a scammer themself.

After the incident, elysian11 continued using Fameswap to solicit users and offer them to come off the platform and use sketchy tactics. We have one instance where another buyer was defrauded by elysian11, this seller started ignoring buyer’s messages after the buyer sent in the funds.

If anyone has any questions regarding this case or needs more details, you are welcome to contact us through our website.


pics or it didnt happen…the proof is always in the puddin


I know nothing about Fameswap Escrow or this discrepancy, but the reply from fameswap looks pretty legit and believable… just by the way it was written. I’m trying to buy a channel and this review would have deterred me had I not seen the response.

I am soon going to write a post about them with pictures. I have sold 1 account through them and that was very long process it took a week to get my money in my paypal.
After that I tried to sold 1 more account and this time i am feeling like i am being scammed.
I have passed login details over fameswap website as per instructions even helped the buyer to login into account. After logging in buyer said his friend also needs to look into account and he is in meeting it will take a hour.

After half an hour all the details of account have been changed and i have lost the access…
Buyer denied that he changed it and escalated the case on dispute.
Now i have received this email from fameswap.

"We have Cc’d the seller in this email. Please work together to resolve this issue. The seller can pass updated login/password combination through this email thread.

Thank you,

Fameswap Escrow Team."

I have replied my situtation with them waiting for their reply from last 36 hours. Will update after some time.

They should have checked my account details instead of passing them direct to buyer.

Maybe they’ve already done that? your buyer has logged in successfully, so I’m sure they will release the funds to you.

Wow a new account with first post like this is SCREAMING of CREDIBILITY.

Word of advice - DON’T USE FAMESWAP


They Did not.
I know it because if anyone tries to login from any other country it asks for verify me to Is it me who is logging in. Weather it is Instagram or Gmail.
When buyer tried to login i approved all his logins.

It seems like fameswap gets caught in the middle of scammers doing shady stuff.
It’s normal to wait a week to exchange a youtube channel.
But I’d like to know what happens here because it sounds like the other person is trying to scam you.

Why is this post being brought up after a whole year? Seems fishy

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This post is ranking 3rd for fameswap scam keyword on google, maybe that’s why the owners are making fake accounts here and posting stuff.

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Doesn’t seem fishy. I was scammed by them as well. I know multiple people that have been scam. The owner is a known crook.

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Their Trustpilot reviews are fun too.

They report the bad reviews so they are not longer visible. And the good reviews are all too good to be true. It’s too easy to cheat with Trustpilot.

You said a 3rd ranking on Google for fameswap scam ? I am sure this page will soon rank 1st for fameswap scam and fameswap reviews.


It has been 5 days since i lost access to my account.

Received this second email from them.

" Hey guys,

Please figure out how to recover the account, this transaction may have to be canceled. It’s possible the buyer logged in and passed the information to their client too quickly, locking up the account and reverting passwords to its original state. The seller should be able to use recovery options if the passwords were not changed by the buyer.

We will stand by for an update at this time. Keep us posted on the recovery status. Please CC us on all communications.

Thank you,

Fameswap Escrow Team."

I replied with a long email about my situation that i am already trying from last 5 days since buyer denied he did not changed password.
Google even blocked my device and ip for trying too many times.

I see what you did there.
I also think that Fameswap Escrow reviews will indicate that Fameswap is a scam.

You may ask yourself

Is Fameswap Escrow a scam?

While I do not know the answer if Fameswap Escrow is a scam or scamming, user reviews for Fameswap Escrow indicate that Fameswap Escrow is not trustworthy


I used to make a living with writing texts like that. It was in the early days of Internet where you could stuff your texts with words like “fameswap scam” and “fameswap reviews”. If you repeated that several times like this: “fameswap scam” “fameswap reviews”, and made some texts bold for the necessary variation fameswap scam and fameswap reviews you could be sure that you would rank very well if people googled to learn more about Fameswap Escrow scams and reviews.

The question if Fameswap Escrow is a scam is difficult to answer. But after reading Fameswap Escrow reviews I do have my doubts about the company Fameswap Escrow. Why would they delete bad Fameswap Escrow reviews if they have nothing to hide?