Scammers all over this place and all mods are afk

Hello Adnan and whoever is moding this nowadays, at least 2 people have been scammed by @Karthik_A with over $1k and this guy is not banned nor asked any questions, do you even care?

This guy offered a service and did not fulfill moreover he had false advertising on his thread. Are you gonna do something eventually or this place turned into a scam fiesta past year? You’ve ben tagged on the scam thread and none of the scammed people herd anything it. Some guy just randomly closed the thread - probably banking on the scam as well. I dont remember his name.

He offered to refund people that were scammed and then he stopped responding for weeks. Come on

I also made a thread on shit list but was not approved or no one is moding that


@DanielAdmin Please Daniel, don’t let this scammer simply get away randomly.

I attached photos of the thread that is been closed and proof of scam.

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This POS scammed me too, still waiting on my refund. The dude has been completely unresponsive and owes me $400

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Yeah, guess I’m getting paid to close threads :roll_eyes:
I take Credit Cards, Banktransfer, and Skrill.

As suggested in my post there, If you have issues with a marketplace seller the standard procedure is to open a #public-marketplace:shitlist thread. If and when it’s approved depends on the staff available.

Let me quote the rules for you:

Mpsocial or it’s staff/admins are not liable for your losses. Your business decisions are your responsibility, due diligence should be a vital component to any transactions. While we are not responsible for your losses, we will do our best to prevent, respond, and mediate applicable situations.

Even a #public-marketplace:shitlist thread will not get your money back, that’s not what it’s for.

Or I’m just protecting other buyers - no sales thread, no sales. It’s the same thing your shitlist thread might achieve if the seller is found non-compliant. You are welcome :slight_smile:

Did you open a shitlist thread?

Please send me all the available evidence via PM.

I did open a thread there long time ago, have a look.

I dont want money back, I was not the scammed guy. I did open this thread just because I know who has been scammed and no one is doing anything about it, it is mindboggling.

We just want this guy to get banned to prevent making couple of pennies from other members, nothing else.

I will in a second


You requested evidence of the scam, correct?

I would be alert dealing with guys here,especially in bitcoin.

Don’t know how people get scammed when dealing in bitcoin is the biggest red flag ever😂

I wrote small review earlier about @Karthik_A and his DM service. I had some issues with it too, but I managed to get refunded by PayPal.

Same here @Karthik_A scammed me for 3k dollar @Adnan please ban this guy!!!

For anyone else who got scammed I have o pan Nummer and Adress and taking legal actions … just contact me

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Daaamn. What a ugly snitch! Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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I live in India and I am from India,Let me know if I can be of any help to you or to anyone else🙂

Well, this guy is all over the place now.
I used his accounts to scrape, and overall, they were working fine with me.
They burned after a day of using them, but I don’t use many accs daily, so I didn’t care.
Bought batches of 100, they logged in with no issues, and got burned after 1 day or 2 of scraping. I really don’t care as I use a small amount per day.

I went to test his proxies, as he was offering “perfect proxies to scrape”.
Bought 3 of them, they worked fine the first day, then started to be offline completely.
I contacted him twice regarding this issue, and in both times he was very kind and very fast to reply to me, telling me that they were rotating proxies and that they could go offline from time to time, but that they would be working almost all of the day… Ok… But then I started to monitor closely until these proxies never went back online, so I contacted him again, and the last time we spoke he told me this (quoting) “Hi, they might be down for a couple of days. We are changing networks. I will add 3 days to your tenure

It’s been 10 days with no reply after I asked for an update 7 days ago (after those 3 days).
Now I see this guy being exposed like this. Shit.


I mean, my case is not like the ones from here, but he didn’t replied back, not even for a simple update, or even an excuse (lol). He vanished, closed his selly store.

And don’t get me wrong… I loved his accounts, but hey, not cool to do the community like that… so, @Karthik_A give back, reply to people.


How this guy remains unbanned is certainly beyond me.


I will take care of this. If anyone else has additional evidence, please send it via PM.


Already did 13 chara

And still he stays unbanned,Do we actually have mods here or they support scammers?

He got me too. Payed for a batch of accounts and then he ghosted… shame. Was thinking to open a shitlist, but 1st I searched his name by latest and funny enough found this thread lol


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We need to look over evidence first, give the seller 48 hours to respond and the issue the ban, not the other way around. Since this only comes now to my attention an no one sent me a PM before, sadly, now I can get the ball rolling on this one :slight_smile:


Everyone should be cautious and check all services twice, read other user reviews, never pay with Crypto-Bitcoin or a card only PayPal so you can chargeback in case of problems. This will happen more and more as Instagram is harder to work with, many people will turn to scam others so they can get some money and disappear

A good step would be only doing business with reputable sellers. You can always check people’s forum activity via their profile. The person in question had barely any meaningful activity in 2020 and no reputation whatsoever.

Paypal is no protection either and should be avoided for many reasons. Please stop using Paypal :pensive: