Scheduling pins - like jumping through hoops?!?

Hi peeps! Hope you are all well!

I just purchased massplanner & and cant figure out the easiest way to schedule my pins for daily pinning. I have checked the tutorials, and there is nothing on there to help.

basically I want to provide my pin URL and set it to randomly pin to lets say 5 different group boards daily. rinse and repeat for my other pins.

i have found that you can somewhat do this in campaigns but you have to do a longwinded process with destination lists etc.


Do you want to repin your old pins from one of your boards to group boards?

Then you can avoid campaigns and use Repin tool. Have you tried it yet?

yes i currently repin pins from my group boards to other group boards i am on but it only asks me what i want to repin TO those boards…

so for example i have selected certain keywords, certain boards and certain specific pins to pin to Board X. but my pins wont be the only pins targeted to be pinned to that board X if you know what i mean.

i just want to set up a simple process where it takes specific pins of mine and repins each of them to 5 random group boards i’m on. Any simple way to do that?

and thank you for your response :slight_smile:

PM me girl we will talk