Scraper API Call Limits, Scraper Vault, Auto Verification and Invisible Captcha: A How-To Guide

Scraper API Call Limits, Scraper Vault, Auto Verification and Invisible Captcha: A How-To Guide


  1. Buy scraper accounts from a trusted supplier.
  2. Connect scrapers in bulk to the Jarvee. (see separate post to know how to connect scrapers in bulk)
  3. When done connecting the scrapers, make sure to set the following settings:

Also this …

  1. Copy settings to other newly connected scrapers

  1. When done copying, verify the newly connected scrapers and export them to a folder. Delete the scrapers from the Jarvee when done exporting them. (Suggestion: Call the folder “scraper vault” ).
  2. Whenever in need of scrapers for your main accounts, you can simply import scrapers from the “scraper vault” to your Jarvee.

Disclaimer: These steps do not give 100% assurance that your scrapers will live forever and will not burn out anymore. However, these have proven to make scrapers live a bit longer and they increase the chance of saving more scrapers from being burned. Also, it is very important to choose a supplier that sells good scrapers.

Steps: HOW TO DO AUTO EMAIL VERIFICATION (in case the account/s need email confirmation )

  1. In Jarvee, go to Social Profiles.
  2. Click the profile/s that you want to email confirm/verify.
  3. Go to its Email Validation tab and fill the following credentials.

  1. Before auto verifying, make sure to test IMAP/POP3 and it’s valid.

  1. Tick the profile/s that you want to auto verify. (make sure the email validation credentials were completely filled. (see step 4)

  1. Click “action on selected profiles” and choose email verify accounts.

  1. Wait for the account/s to be verified.

  1. Wait for the confirmation.


  1. Go to the account’s profile.
  2. Show advanced profile settings.

  1. Change Embedded Browser UserAgent.

From this: (Android)

Make it like this: (iPhone)

Note: The used UserAgent is just a sample. You can use your own if you have yours.

  1. Click again the embedded browser of the profile and see if the captcha already appears.


Thank you very much for your time and this great guide, we will start it and we will tell you.

But I see that when the CAPTCHA comes out, that account is lost, it always asks for verification by phone, some solution.

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You can verify the accounts with one time phone number. if it tells you 24 hours review, you should use another sms provider or country phone number. Each phone number can be used only 3 times and some of them reuse to much.


Great share, thanks @Tal_Klinger - that’s some great insights there you deserve a :medal_sports: :medal_sports:

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Perfect thank you very much, can you put two scraper accounts in an IPV6 proxy?

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Thanks for your input, where can I get Change Embedded Browser UserAgent iPhone?

You can multiplicate this by x5 :slight_smile:

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1 and i don’t recommend to use ipv6, most providers buy them under a specific subnet, so if one of the scrapers been burned it will affect all the scrapers on the same subnet

Ask google “what is my user agent” from your or your friends phone :wink:

Thanks man
@SheilaD helped me a lot

What type of proxy do you use for your scraper accounts? Are you willing to share where you buy them?

I am using my own 4g proxies up to 30 - 40 scrapers and high proxies (social proxies) up to 3 scrapers

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Thanks for the reply, can you share where you are buying scraper accounts as well? Are you finding that you can have higher hourly/daily API limits on accounts that aren’t completely blank with no posts/profile info? Or have you tried that?

I prefer blank accounts, I buy them from project1 from the market place at mpsocial

Do you add email to your blank accounts ?

Great post regarding settings and setup etc

However, I am not experiencing a massive amount of bans running 3-5 scrapers on ipv6. Even if I used 30-40 scrapers on one 4G, my costs would increase by 10x or 20x, and I make the 4G proxies myself so it’s even cheaper than everybody else

I do agree with your point regarding subnets however

This is incorrect. You can use a phone number way more than 3 times with IG. But you are right…many service providers vastly oversell

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Great post, thank you! This option needs to be unchecked for Jarvee to show correct status when it gets verification.

ex: If it remains checked, it could show Email confirmation when it should be temporary locked or captcha.


Yes, @ossi that’s correct. That option to ‘Do not use embedded browser to login’ should be unchecked on both global settings (Settings > Social Platforms > Instagram tab) and local settings (Social Profiles > Account Settings > Show Advanced Profile Settings) so that the account will show the real status when it gets verification.

Now, for verifying email, there is an option in Settings > Social Platforms > Instagram tab > Automatically email verify account when needed, you can use this option to fully automate the email verification process instead of doing it via Social Profiles > selecting the accounts > Actions Selected Profiles > Email Verify. In both cases, just make sure that the Email Validation tab of the account/s are properly configured and working.

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not yet, but I am planning the test it soon.

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