'Search in progress' in follow module

‘Search in progress’ in the follow module… has been sitting like this for going on 3 days.

I’ve already searched the forum, and read every thread which contain the phrase ‘search in progress’ … and none had a solution, but there were a bunch of other people who experienced this same issue.

Solutions I’ve attempted:

-Clearing cookies
-Clearing queue
-Turning Follow tool off and back on
-ReLogging into accounts
-Reverifying accounts
-Removing all sources and adding 3x the amount of new sources
-Removed literally every filter
-Using scraper accounts, as well as having the accounts scrape themselves

Not sure what else there is to try? The program was literally running normal… then out of nowhere this happens without me changing anything. How hasn’t this bug been fixed yet as I see references to it way back to a year ago. Some experienced it with Like tool, some Story viewing, some Following…

Lastly, it’s occurring to literally every account on this laptop that’s running. All accounts on other machines are working fine, and are running on same proxies and settings as these.

Any insight would be great. Time is money… have a definite solution? I have a cash app/venmo/btc for you. Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t play when it comes to money. Feel free to DM me or reply here.


This is happening randomly to some of my accounts too. Today account A, D, E will be searching for the whole day, tomorrow account B, C, F will be searching for the whole day and not making a single follow.

@JRVTeam are you guys aware of this bug?

I am using eb

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How long has it been happening on those accounts? Is it happening to all the accounts on that machine?

I’m running the same setup across multiple machines, but it’s only happening on one machine… and across all the accounts on that machine.

Not on every accounts. It’s happening randomly. When it happen the accounts won’t be able to find target to interact with, just keep on searching and searching!

Any solution?

I had this problem too and tried many things but the only solution I have found is to remove the account completely form JV and re enter it/import it again from scratch, make sure to add a dummy account and save your settings source on it so you won’t have to re enter them again just copy paste them when you re enter the account again.


im also having this problem… is there any solution?

Export the accounts, reinstall the software, import the accounts again.

Would be nice if the problem was actually addressed, instead of being swept under the rug. I’m getting people DMing me even on other platforms asking if I found a solution after reading this thread. The problem dates back to 2017(after searching the forum), and none of the people who complained of it in the past have a concrete answer as to what’s causing it.

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thanks bro… it’s working fine now …@klique

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Anyone have a solution to this problem?

Yes. Export the accounts… reinstall the software, and import the accounts again. Did you even read the thread? The answer is stated atleast 2x already…

Yeah i read that, but surely there must be a a simpler solution.

I really wish there was… but it doesn’t seem to be. Sometimes restarting it will fix it, but then the program runs a bit slower for some reason.

Only solution is the one I mentioned above. Silly thing is, it keeps coming back. I’ve had to reset one of my setups 3x already. Everything goes back to normal after reset… but it can be quite annoying having to set settings back up.

Hi! Klique does the “results” tab on follow module keeps their followed user list after you do this or they are gone? Because I’ve found that if I erase everything inside CampaignData the problem gets solved but you loose all the data of followed users of course. I think the problem is related to that, accounts get stucked in searching because they have to find new users to follow that are not in the list of followed users and that’s what makes it slow.

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i still getting action block with jarvee. until now

Hmm. So you think it has to do with campaigns? I don’t use campaign all the time and it’s still happening. It literally happens like every other day on ALL of my setups. I’ve kind of learned to just accept it, as they’ve shown absolutely 0 interest in even addressing the issue since 2017 when it was first reported.

The CampaignData folder is not about Campaigns, I don’t use them either. It has all the data from followed users from all your accounts.

Next time instead of reinstalling MP you should just erase everything inside CampaingData folder, is easier and faster and the fix is the same as reinstalling. Just make sure to backup all accounts first as you mentioned to put them back again after erasing the data of that folder.

What you get doing this is cleaning the folder and leave only the data of the accounts you are using right now, the data of old unused accounts gets erased so this makes MP a little faster. But the actual solution is to erase the CampaignData folder without making the backup and the restore of your accounts. This will erase all the lists of followed users and everything will go smooth. The bad thing if that you loose all that data of followed users and if your sources are low on followers you will probably follow the same users again.

MP knows this happens because they have added a button “Delete all results” in Settings/Actions. Using this option is actually easier than erasing all CampaignData folder, it does the same. Just make sure to disable the Follow Tool in all you accounts first and leave them unfollowing until they can’t unfollow anymore so all followed users are unfollowed.

Hope this helps


Nice. You just saved me atleast an hour a day. Before it used to only happen once in a blue. Now I’m having to reset my setups once every 24-48 hours. And its happening on all my setups. One thing I did notice, it doesn’t happen to all the accounts. I checked, and maybe 1/3 were stuck on searching while the other 2/3 were performing.

If I do the “delete all results” will that work the same? Or should I save accounts, exit mp, delete folder, load mp, load accounts and resume? Lmk if I’m missing any steps.

If you delete all results you will loose all data from followed users so it’s not a good solution although it will be the one that makes everything faster. I suggest you do the CampaignData erasing one.

How many accounts do you have per setup? I have the same problem but after doing backup, erasing, restoring everything works fine for at least a month.

You should check you cpu load, that might be the reason your actions are low. MP uses a lot of resources since the lasts updates because it behaves differently now.

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I’m running 100 accounts per setup on some, 150 accounts per setup on others. The CPU load goes up and down constantly. Not to the point where the systems are lagged or anything, as I upgraded all of them specifically for automation. This was back when api was good though. So I’ve obviously had to reduce amount of accounts per machine since then.

I’m actually planning on investing in a dedi this weekend. Just looking for someone to set it up and install windows from a usb, as opposed to paying monthly for windows. (So if anyone reading this is looking for a side gig, hmu… first come, first gets the job)

So if I delete the data in the campaigndata folder, wont that delete the people I followed too, or no? Like I mentioned, I used to only have to reset it once in a blue. It just recently started occurring daily. I know 4 other people who are having to reset their setup daily as well. A bit ridiculous, but I’ve learned to just accept it.