[Seeking] Paid Experienced Jarvee or IG Automation Manager

Hello There Everyone!

We are seeking a very experienced Jarvee Manager to manage our client accounts. Jarvee would be run on your own system. We are strictly looking for a provider not a partnership.

We run an Instagram Marketing Agency, this will start with you managing around 20-30 accounts/m and scale into 100+ accounts by January. (we are combining agencies under one umbrella)


  1. Must have access to Proxies(you can include this in your monthly price/ 1 proxy per client acct.)
  2. Must have a track record of running accounts on Jarvee with visual proof
  3. Must be willing to have constant 12-24hr remote access available so that we can review work
  4. Must be willing to do a video call to discuss services (USA Preferably but not important)
  5. Must have experience with Hashtag Research/ Follow Source Research


  1. Strict Follow/Unfollow of high quality sources, 30% FB ratio over time is a must
  2. Liking Feed/ Followers Posts
  3. Monthly Source Review/ Optimization

$/ client monthly this is negotiable based on experience. Feel free to Direct Message me or reply below!

Side note: If I am breaking a rule and not realizing, please message me i’ll be more than glad to edit my post or remove it!


Do you really get 30% FB ratio?? That’s incredible!


No its a demand;)

So getting 10% fb with 12% engagement isnt doing the job. Its way easier to get 30% fb with 2% engagement then getting my 10% with with 12% engagament :wink:

Not aplying for the job tho:slight_smile:


We all have our opinions on this :relieved:

Requirements are there for a reason, specified to (over time) I have zero expectations that any experienced jarvee user is going to get 30% fb ratio in the first week or month.

Completely depends on the niche and method, maybe you get 10% engagement and 12% fb ratio on your personal brand.

What you aren’t considering is my agency targets a specific niche that I have been able to get a 50% fb ratio on after 4 months of optimization of sources. Now we are just looking to outsource.

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In that case why don’t you provide the sources list? If you have a 50% FBR with strong engagment, I wouldn’t be out sourcing anything. In fact, I’d be marketing my own service and charging obscene prices because that is basically unheard of in the IG game.

The list of demands seems very very unreasonable. And, I’d suspect if someone took this job, the price would be $500+ a month absolute minimum. And even then I’d be utterly shocked at 50%+ FBR and high engagement.


Understand why you feel that way! I used to aswell! I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and reach out! If you have any direct questions on what we are doing and how you can be apart feel free to DM!

Apologies skipped over part of your message! We use a proprietary method on increasing engagement with our followers. We have been debating selling and Marketing it, but haven’t out of the fear of messages like this, if you’re honestly interested in learning more about what we’re doing I’d be more than glad to share! Not trying to be smart :slightly_smiling_face: feel free to DM!

I’d say it fluctuates between 20% and a high of 45% across all sources.

My best ever source had me getting a 70% fb ratio just low followers maybe 5-20 a day.

We typically focus on high fb% against high numbers of sources. We start each client with around 350 sources for the first month and narrow down.

We have a pretty solid method so far but we’re still learning and perfecting it, we are by no means any sort of guru and I personally only have been in IG automation for about 9months. Just networked around alot and met some stellar people across alot of forums who guided me.


I do exactly what your asking for. I have an ig agency, run jarvee, have about 30 clients, can get 30-60% followacks within 2 or 3 months of starting the accts. I have proof or can show you. this is literally already my sole source of income and job, if you need an acct mngr I can do it, depending on what youre willing to pay. ceo@nstaguru.com , shoot me an email and we can zoom or something


thats actually pretty similar to my method. just use bulk sources, multiply by number of follows it takes to get accurate fb ratio, then divide by number of follows your acct does per day. 80 sources x 500 follows is 40000 follows. at 800 a day itll take 50 days to get the fbs of 80 sources, its not that hard to get high fbs, you just need to think about it logically. lots of sources get you decent fbs from the get go just based on the law of averages, then its just a search for the top sources and then refining your targets and reposting what you their followers already follow. you can get 40-60% or more pretty easily tbh. i wouldnt use these numbers, but the concept remains the same. just do that and youll be gtg


Hey There @Mychal_Hyman

Wanted to reach out to indicate we already have pulled the trigger on a Jarvee manager and are very happy with his work.

However I will say this, Jarvee managers are in very high demand rn, I wouldn’t stop posting, honestly just one or two agencies working with you would provide a full time income alone on top of you current revenue stream!

Regardless, we appreciate you reaching out!

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This is good to know @Kalynddougherty

I just got my hands on jarvee and it’s powerful stuff! I ran into a few errors which i dont know how to fix yet - so having a dedicated manager who knows it inside out seems like a great investment.

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It absolutely is, we did a trial run for each of our “applied” managers, ironically we ended up moving forward with one gentlemen because he had stellar communication and was able to provide proof of reference.

We did live skype call where I was able to ask more advance questions. I am not really looking for bells and whistles when it comes to my clients. Just high quality, high security, and good communication.

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Awesome to see that you can even make good hires in here. Glad this worked out for you!

How did you originally start out with your IG agency? What type of services do you offer? I’m currently looking into this as well and I’m just curious

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Hey there!

While I love this community, I find there aren’t alot of agency owners on here (imho) however there we’re alot of experienced jarvee users. I use another forum for networking with agency owners.

If you like I could start an AMA, however since the context is unrelated to my original post I wouldn’t go into detail in the replies.



I’m glad you found someone.

But, while reading your posts in this thread one must ask what kind of services are you offering to your clients?
FB is quite important to you, as I can see, but what’s the point behind all those actions?
Your clients pay you just to increase the number of their followers or what?


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Hey there!

Not to be harsh or anything, but we don’t even do anything with facebook at all, not sure where you read that.

We do strictly Instagram.

Willing to an AMA, just genuinely not that interested in the publicity.

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I was talking about Instagram.
FB meant follow backs in this case.

If not an issue please PM me just about this, because I’m working since this weekend on my new packages for Instagram promotion and it would mean a lot to see what other, more experienced marketers are charing for exactly.

Thank you.



Sorry for the misunderstanding, if you have any questions absolutely feel free to direct message me!


Which method do you use to find valid sources? I use various analysis sites all paid (hypeauditor, socialdreep) or do I manually, know better?


I have send you a PM.