Selling my Instagram accounts

Hey guys i have 4 Instagram accounts i want to sell. i want to move completely to tik tok because i see the enormous amount of potential on it and creator funds from tik tok looks inviting to me :smile: . i usually find buyers for my account after growing them to couple hundred thousand followers via a middle man on discord and telegram. but for the last 3 month i couldn’t reach any of them for some reason. i found this site my main question is has anyone use them before? please share feedback and secondly what will be the best price to sell a highly active 1.7M Fitness Instagram account with top audience of USA and UK this is my biggest account and want help in getting a good evaluation for it.

hi, could you share your account in PM? I might be interested

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When you say “selling” do you mean like money wise? If not then i might be intrested.

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yeah, selling for cash only

oh well then sorry