Sending links through Instagram DM

Hi to all,
Can you guys advice me it’s a good idea to place the same link in every DM I send through Instagram contact tool? If not than what I need to use a link rotator or it’s enough to use or what? My link is linking to Facebook messenger bot.

Another question my DM message is spinned by 72%. Is this enough or must be 100%.

Thank you.


I think even you know that’s not a good idea, that’s why you’re questioning it. :grin: Safest way would be 1 unique link to each account, but 2-3 should be fine.

Regarding your spintax, aslong as you’re not sending the same msg in every DM you’ll be fine. I’ve used the same spintax that isn’t even that complicated, for years and never had an issue. When people say you need to have billions of different combinations, its a myth. Just don’t repeat the same msg back to back repeatedly.


I need one unique link or one unique domain?.. hmm I need to use link rotator? Or it’s better to buy a cheap domains :slight_smile:

Because it’s an offer so I must send the same DM to everyone.

Yeah, I don’t think spinning should be on 100%. Just make the message text unique and that’s it. And yes, you can use bitly url’s, you can include as many links as possible to spinning and that should be good enough.

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bitly will not cloak your urls, instagram`s crawlers will find the target url!

you need to have a delay of 3-5secs before the redirect, to be safe!


Thank you for your answer. I need to use unique links or unique domains?


You`ll need new domains (max 10 subdomains per domain) and a html redirect for each…

Its probably easier to direct people back to your profile and ask then to click on the bio link, you could use a unique hashtag!

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Maybe you are right. I just don’t want for my followers to many steps… Less steps than better. I have 1 mother account and 10 slave accounts.

My plan is to send from slave accounts DMs with offer link which is redirected to messenger bot.

So you think it’s safer to send DMs with mentioning the mother account which have link in bio?

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The mother/slave method is that, you use slave accounts to shout out the main account!

Using links in DMs will burn through accounts - you`ll need 1000s of accounts and urls!

My M/S method is different :joy: So it’s better to only mention in DMs the mother account to send out from slave accounts? Is that safe?

Instagram is Instagram, if you`re breaking their T&Cs you on thin ice.

Mentioning the mother account in DM is safer then using links!

Neither are 100% safe - testing is the best method and starting slow.

I want to send 1 DM / hour in the beginning than increase it to 2 maybe 3/hour. I think it’s a safe number. What do you think?

I would suggest using free services like and other similar service. Register an account o all of them and setup your main link there. After you have around 5 - 10 or other links that are similar to then use MP’s spin syntax to rotate the links.

Example { | | | }

You will then have a page like this that your visitors can click

make sure to make more as needed


Are the accounts fully warmed up? I would start really slow, and take your time and increase the number. They’ve really put a damper on DMs, and it’s quite easy to get an account DM blocked. I started mine 1 every other hour, then every hour, then 2 an hour and so on, until 25-30 DMs a day.

New linktree links get flagged quickly. links get flagged quickly. Look for a web2.0 that isn’t popular. The domain will be authoritative, so you will be able to create multiple subdomains for each account without an issue.


Thanks for the advice. What if I buy a new domain and make 50 subdomains and spin it?

This is the 3rd day and it’s only the story viewer tool is working. But my accounts are aged account with more than 50k followers every of them. What do you advice for warm up?

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The domain is new, so it wont have any authority to it. You could do it with a few subdomains, but I wouldn’t push it with a new domain. When using subdomains, you want to use a domain that has authority to it… they won’t block them. A new domain, they wont hesitate to block if.they feel its being abusive to their platform.

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You`ll need to use the web2.0 as a pre-lander.

I wouldn’t use your 50k accounts for testing!

How I can properly warm up the accounts?

Hi to all.
Little update. I set up the DM sending 9 of my accounts. 2 days is sending right now 15 hours a day in every second hours send 1 DM. On the third day now I get blocked sending on 3 accounts from 9.

The message is spinned 70% and send without any link just mentioning one profile which have link in bio.

Any suggestion?