Services to offer Businesses

Okay at the moment there are way too many :worried: posts from users, worried about the MP IG & FB module been taken out, although it is a :cry: time, the staff on MP have said that all we can do for now is send them :slight_smile: messages.

Okay so now that is out the way, this thread is to come up with as many ideas as possible of services we can offer to businesses and more importantly outsource and try and make it as automated as possible.

There is a poll at the bottom for you to decide what section you would like this in

Some of the ideas I thought of myself some I found on other forums, will :link: where I got them from later.

Web development :computer:
Creating a new site
Updating an old one
Making it mobile friendly

Social media management :computer_mouse:
Creating SM presence
Managing SM
Creating content for the SM
Customer relationship, handling the online complaints

Designs :art:
Leaflet designs
Business Card designs
Will add later

Marketing :tv:
SM marketing
FB advertisement
Google ads
Getting them on food delivery service sites, Uber, Deliveroo, just eat
Running offers on the FB ads to build customer lists for (Full name, Email, Address, Mobile Num,) so you can retarget them with ads, send them flyers and “exclusive offers” and so much more

Extra :calling:
Create an app for the business
Install a Giftcard system, just how subway and all the major stores have it, it would make it stand out in customers eyes
(In food stores the thing at the top what shows you the menu and stuff the still image thing, design that)
Setting up businesses on Google places/maps

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  • Level Three

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If you are good with automation. I mean, writing macros and bots.
Then the next logical step is learning how to program Arduinos.
That’s what everyone is doing with their “Smart-Whatever”; there was even a Smart-Juicer funded by Google that got a few million dollars.

The true money, at this moment in time, lies on that. I myself was working on an app + coffee machine. I’ll have to put the project on hold for now, but I know I could sell at least 10 machines. If things got bad I could get Government Funding. And if anything went to shit, I could sell the company itself.

The funny thing is: All tutorials and DIY are on YouTube right now, even the source codes.

(Also I recommend removing your first paragraph from OP and changing the second one. No need to mention that.)

Thanks for the suggestions and posts, to be honest I didnt even know anything about “Aruinos” after a few google and youtube searches it seems to be cool however programming is not really my thing, their is money to be made in everything it’s just about what you enjoy doing.

However at the moment I’m interested in

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Info Product selling
  • Product Launching
  • A few other Digital Services
  • Aswell as the ideas presneted in this thread

Thanks for trying to get focus of you know what. I’ll engage here as soon as possible and throw couple of ideas too.


Add Amazon FBA or eBay store to the list. It’s a great way to do something. I’ve been looking into it.

I didn’t even know this was a thing? Could you expand on this?

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For small businesses what sell food (Takeaway’s/Restaurants) they want to concentrate on the food and the food only they don’t want to have to employ drivers have drivers sitting around waiting for deliverys and still having to pay them.

That’s where Uber/Just eat/Deliveroo come in they are have a platform where people order from them you have a ticket machine in your shop you see the order and then a delivery man who works for uber or deliveroo would come collect and deliver just a new way to get sales however some of these services are a rip off.

Amazon FBA is good it’s something I personally want to do with private labeling however, most small business in my niche wouldn’t be selling on Amazon and eBay since they are services

Sorry, I know how delivery apps work @YungBuck, I was more wondering how would you get companies onto the app? You just literally are filling out the forms for them?

Well to be honest Deliveroo and Just Eat sales rep contact most businesses anyway, this is just something you can “suggest” to business owners, you would not be able to fill the forms out for them you would just be getting in contact with uber or whatever service and scheduling the meeting.

More of a "Manager " role :slight_smile: however it’s not really the “best” of services to offee

Interesting. Middleman the whole thing. Also with Amazon FBA private labeling is actually the hardest part and most expensive. Be careful doing that.

Try starting with flipping stuff from pallets first. This is just from what I know, and not from experience fyi.

I think another thing I’m going to look into is things like bookkeeping. Hire some VA’s to input numbers and have them Dropbox their info etc.

Yeah I agree it’s expensive but I’m going to purchase a program what allows be to see (Sales,Estimated Sales,Amount Earned, Estimation Final earnings and so much more) what will break down the searching time just have to look in different niches for lower competition.

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Good! Honestly, if you do this let me know how it works because I’m so interested. I just haven’t taken time to work on it myself. I’ve been looking for new passive income streams to go along with my IM services.

Well its something Im not going to do soon, until I have $5K to invest into it and enough money coming in to live off :slight_smile:

Good thinking @YungBuck, especially those of you that manage other clients IG and Facebook aka already have a foot inside, try and up sell / shift focus if possible.

If you’re okay with doing some blackhat on them, write up an ebook where you say you leave out the MP part. Tell them you are selling the ebook at $149 and that they can easily follow step by step and manage their accounts themselves.
You can cash out on them one last time and gives you a good excuse to leave the clients to their own fate.

Obviously, when they see their own results, they will more or less think you were some magic god at SM and after a month or two they’ll be back asking you to manage it. And by then you hopefully have a new setup or other offers to sell them.

Milking milking…

Besides, it gives you an ebook to sell to future customers or to use in other cpa offers :wink:

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Not really that BH to be honest more grey hat as as long as the ebook is HQ and provides them with value it should be all good.

Going to create another thread on instead of managing business managing peoples personal brand / Public Figure :slight_smile: when all this MP drama calms down we can have a nice brainstorn with some of the more experienced entrepreneur people

Whatever colour it is, you’re telling them “this is how I did, you can do it yourself now” while in fact you’re not.

My idea was just to show how you can cancel your service, earn some dollars, give you some time to come up with a new solution, all while claiming you haven’t used any automation software :wink:

And that you can use that customer base to sell the other services you mentioned

I like how times like these creates new ideas. :slight_smile:

If anybody else has any other ideas or topics regarding this matter they would like to discuss feel free to do so.

I think local advertising on FB will be huge after FB change it´s priority to local awareness and its own “yelp” like service where you can serach for local businesses on FB.

If you have already a agency, you will crush! it with this type of offers to your clients and you can pretty well upsell everything to them :wink:

This is what I will do next, and I think this is a good topic for this thread :slight_smile:

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Yeah I agree local Facebook advertising for local businesses is good, but let’s get in more detail and have a discussion.:speaking_head:

Let’s suppose your client owned a Restaurant or a takeaway :burrito:

What types of ads would you run? :running_man:

I had the following in mind :alien:

  • Create an opt in page where you collect their info and as an incentive offer some discounts or something

  • Create video ads of the food (Hire a :video_camera::man:) to get a lot of footage and then do video marketing

  • Run “Special Offers” like subway did for valentine’s “Buy a large drink get a free sub” at the end of the day subway still made a profit just a smaller one it made subway gain more relevance in people’s minds who have stopped going their and only went for the food it also got more people promoting to come since the good experience they had aswell

  • Create normal add with just a line or two of information, nothing to overwhelming

Looking forward to hear your guys suggestions :ear:

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Let´s do it :wink:

I would wait with paid advertising on FB until the restaurant got enough page likes and check-ins.

  • first I would rank the restaurant in the local directory section in FB
  • set up location-based push notifications which is PURE GOLD
  • Local business ‘check-in’ system that fills a client’s Facebook page with great reviews and increase their reach

These 3 steps alone will skyrocket the ROI of the restaurant.

The best part of it is, that it´s doable without any ad cost.

After that you can start with ads to a custom audience and its lookalike audience

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Interesting learnt a few new things, totally agree with you FB is a goldmine especially for businesses and for us since we’re making money selling our services. :chart:

To be honest I don’t have much experience with FaceBook ads :computer:

However I believe you should also send some ad campaigns to IG, the IG page will be on a business account so you will be able to see analysis, you should be posting everyday 3 times when people are waking up in the morning (Breakfast) (Lunch) (Dinner) if you don’t want to spam the person’s feed or not sure if your posts are on their TL you can always use the story feature :black_nib:

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