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I’m using iphones to create my own mobile proxies (tethering), the problem is if there are two same models of an iphone, they will likely get the same IP so the PC cant recognize the secondly connected phone. I know how to temporarily change the IP, by going to wifi, renewing lease etc. but I would like to configure permamently those IP’s, so I dont have to repeat the process everyday.
Making static IP doesnt work, PC will give that phone different IP than the one I’ve set up. Any other ideas? Thanks!

Have you considered 4G Dongles? They are quite cheap and you can manage them easier.

I did, but there are no dongles with changeable IP in my country, walked through many stores and all new models have either updated software (Huawei) that doesnt allow that or doesnt allow that at all.
Plus I would have to use each account from two connections, now I can post via phone and use same proxy to automate.
Thanks for suggesting this idea, maybe you can give me some advice which dongles are the best. E3372s from Huawei have all updated software in my country.

Good tool! for phones

If you don’t want to flash the firmware or play around with the config files, I would go with the Huawei ones. If you want to do flashing and custom configs you should get the “tools” before you pick the dongle, otherwise, you will set yourself up for a big nightmare. Make sure you check the frequency bands in your area AND provider before you make a decision.

If you want to run a bigger operation, I would recommend some basic tools like a signal tester. That is the only way to make a decision based on some data. Also stay away from ZTE sticks if you don’t want to babysit the dongles (that won’t apply to all models but in this case, I would go better safe then sorry, especially for smaller operations).

You can put a lot of money into that research depending on what kind of information you want. We used one of the Siretta models when we started out but made our own tools in the journey that fits better to our specifications, especially if you want to check more then just signal quality. We also do a lot of domain-specific tests before deploying new apartments, since in the prime time everything can go to shit really fast if you don’t probe out the apartments upfront.

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Thank you for detailed information, it will definetely help. I know that older soft on Huawei had option to manually configure IP like 192.168.1.(number 1-100) but it seems all modems have the latest soft now which have no longer that option. I gave away the dongles to some advanced tech guys, but they failed flashing them. I just wanted easy way to put 16 modems through powered hub/ccproxy on one pc, easiest solution would be getting the right dongles I suppose, as I cannot use more than 8 iphones so they won’t interfere (their IP’s can be changed by renewing lease on WiFi options, but it works only on the first interference, all the next ones will get the same IP for some reason.)
That solution with Siretta is too advanced for that operation, simplicity is the key.
I know that people on this forum have tens of hubs with 16 modems each, wondering if its all based on old soft or there is a manufacturer that makes dongles with changeable IP.

You don’t need that. Do more research :wink:

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Trying to solve that actively since June 2019, but as a non IT guy it may take me a while, especially after pro tech guys failed :wink:
I guess there must be software to manage those dongles, so the pc will differentiate them

If you do not want to make a business out of the proxies itself, just buy in the service, some mobile providers are already dirt cheap regarding price per account.

Especially if you manage client accounts it doesn’t matter much if you pay 2$ or 10$ per proxy. Mother/Slave a whole different beast and proxies are not the main issue with that in particular.

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I don’t run clients, only my accounts for my business. I’m able to run like 8iphones and 8 andoid devices to get those 16 mobile proxies, plus I can post from them, but it’s not a “clean” solution, all the cables and charging phones all the time is what I would like to avoid.
On the other hand I really value the accounts I run so I’d like to have full control over every aspect, proxy included :wink:
Setting up a dongle and let it work seems like a most hassle free solution, especially when I get 4g mobile plan for 2,5$ per phone per month.

It does not need to be as long as it gets the job done. Is there a reason you are giving a lot of attention to not-core aspects of your business? Just a friendly question. Many people get distracted and lost in the process :smiley:

Being a jack of all trades was one of the biggest mistakes I did in my early days of Internet Marketing.

Have a look here:

with their script, you are able to create 4g proxies with an rpi + dongle. If you do not want to do the research you can buy the script there.
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Did you buy it yourself?

Looks like it has two customers, one is @SatyAjit which doesn’t seem to sell anymore :smiley:
Maybe he can share his experience?

General approach of full control is what worked well for me in the long run, I agree that in most cases outsourcing is the way to go, but I try to move everything back under my wings, manufacturing, marketing, accounting etc. and I saved a lot by doing so, especially after automating so much.
Getting a proxy from a provider is the easy way, but it takes another person/ service to rely on and it adds the cost. If it was rocket science I would outsource it for sure, but setting my own proxies was stupidly easy so far and I’m missing just a tiny link right now to scale it up. We went to the dongles from iphones, because best scenario would be to run proxies off them. Reason: geolocation on posts but running JV on EB.
Plus I like learning new stuff, so getting to know how to do it is 3 times Yes for me :wink: It’s not THAT crucial business wise for me as running ads for example.

Yeah that is the fun part. I really enjoy doing some things from the ground up myself and once they are finish I get rather bored with it fast :slight_smile:

Didnt bought it, but got it as a gift, because I found a bug in there script when it was in the beta phase a year ago or so. Neither I use it right now, because I have my own script to run multiple dongles per rpi, but I know some people using it and it seems to work good.

Maybe you can organize him a nice discount code, since you were part of the beta testers. Helping within the community :innocent:

I do not know if I´m allowed to share the bhw sales thread link, but you can just search for “proxyknow bhw” on google and you will find it. If you comment “I WANT PROFESSIONAL DISCOUNT” under his thread he will send you a 100$ discount :slight_smile: @PierreDOlain


They have 152+ customers ( Discord Group ) :grinning: