Setting Up Scraping Account - How to go about it?

Hi Guys,
i’ve been looking around the forum about how to set up Scarping Account in terms of settings from social profile to follow part to send then the results to the main account.

I was wondering if anyone could help me setting up the advance options from social profile. I understood that for scraping i can simply do not log in EB because it works with Api call but still if someone can just tell me exactly what to tick and what no on that page i’ll be super sure to pay you a drink if we ever meet :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance.

Just make sure to martk this if you want it to send to extracted users.

And this is my configuration in social profiles and it works

Give me a Like, I do not think we can meet for a beer unless you want take a flight, it is going to be expensive beer.


Nice post. About the scraping do you set up a scraper account to correspond it each main account?

A scraper account can provide sources for more than one account just use the “Split scraped users with other accounts” option

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can you specify which accounts use which sources? Like different accounts have different source requirements.

If you need different sources for accounts then you would have to use 1 to 1 scraper to main account.

If you need accounts scraped for lets say 10 accounts all the same source then you can use 1 scraper account and split the results among all 10

The only way I see to feed different sources from the same scraper to different accounts is setting the sources, letting it scrape, export to excel, filter it, and then copy paste the users to the different accounts. It’s manual, but works, if you really need it.


Thank you Bro! i guess this will help a lot of us :slight_smile: i’ll test it today

My settings :slight_smile:


I’m a bit confused about the EB and API thing. I thought that scraper account works only with api calls and main account works on EB only. Is that correct? because on your settings you have basically left everything unchecked and i guess work with api.

Instead on @goss example the account seem to work on EB only.


I never did scraping with EB, and it’s the first time I hear about scraping using EB

Also, main account DON’T only work with EB. Its up to your own preferences.

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if it was you how would you set up the main account in terms of advance options on social profile?

I have 6 scrape accounts working for different main accounts. Some of them I have them in EB others in API. All of them work with no problem.
If you want to scrape with one account to different users, you do not need to export to excel, and then copy and paste in other accounts, you just need to add more uxers in “extracted accounts”, or if you have already results in one user, “split with other users”, that yoiu can find under the resources list whe you check “follow specefic users” (by the way, this must be checked to make the account to follow…)

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i’ve set up the scrape and main account following your tips and it works 100% at the moment. last question will you be kind to share with me your instagram general settings. I want to make sure i got everything right.

I made them worked with EB by mistake, but when i saw they work with no issue, why to change it?. They have been working like that for 2 months, with EB and with API

Because it’s slower

maybe it is slower than API, but at the speed we can follow nowadays, it is more than enough.

what do you think about this setting for follow on main account just logged on Jarvee?

If you’re OK with risking your main account, then keep it up.

I wouldn’t dare doing any action at all with my main account nowadays, because no matter what settings you use, your account can get blocked even with one single action.

How are you dealing with action blocks?

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I’m at the moment using only story views on clients account and all they get so far is Account Compromised a couple of times. (However i’m using for this a third party service called Tooligram). The reason why i want to try to use J again is the filtering of sources which i can’t have with other services. Therefore at the moment I’m really just testing how far i can get.