Settings Jarvee Help :)

Hey. I do not want to create a new topic, so I’ll add it in this section.

Hello, I have a question about options, watching history.
I am using options, see instastories after observation.
And does it watch the entire user history?
And is this option better than the separate option?


And I have a second question :slight_smile:
I set it in jarvee to make up to 49 observations per day.
I do 60-70 instead of the limit I set.
What am I doing wrong?


That 49 follows/day is an average per day doesn’t mean is the max number :wink: he might do more, he might do less

So imput limit use FOLLOW LIMTS section :wink:

And for calculating your follow averages use this excel sheet, it’s an miracle and can give you other vision about average follows

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And how about watching instastroies? Option after observation is better than separate settings?

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Personaly I don’t use that, I don’t see value seeing insta storie after follow. When you follow you don’t see all stories, you might like 1 pic. In 3 out of 10 but don’t create pattern try to be much random.

What I do is enable see stories of who I’m following

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So you use separate settings to view instastories.
Can you share with them?

I have different settings on all accounts just to don’t link them and seriously I don’t change to much the settings on my stories they are almost preset from what it came… I never got blocked watching stories and IDK if that’s possible.

Some days my accounts are doing 150+ 300+ storie views.

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