Settings Review Please

Would love if someone could review my settings and give their opinions

Follow Settings

Unfollow Settings

Like Settings

So many actions in such a small amount of time, it seems like to me the account is running 24/7 with follow with a 60-120 second delay.
Because even at 5 actions with a 60 second delay it’s still 5 minutes so the account is always following every minute or two. To me it looks more organic to have someone follow a bigger gap range in a shorter period of time.

Make sure you use night mode or change your execute time with some randomness, add as much randomness as “humanly” possible.

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I am using night mode. Also I have it set to not follow/unfollow more than 30 max follow in an hour and 25 max unfollow in an hour. Also 20 likes in an hour (I changed it to 15 just now). That would put me at 70 actions in a hour. Which would be max 450 follows a day, max 400 unfollows a day and max 250 likes a day…

What would you suggest as a delay/action ratio. It seems to be of some mixed opinions as to time delays and follow numbers per action on the forum.

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How long are you using this settings?
With how many accounts?
Do you got follow/like blocks?

That should be things you should write down. Asking for a review and exchanging is good, but testing on your own is the best and gives you the most honest answers about what works and what not.

If someone says he wouldn’t use these settings but they are working for you without frequent issues/blocks why changing them? You understand?

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There’s so much info on IG settings in this forum. I’d suggest you do some thorough research here using the Search option. Read multiple threads and posts and educate yourself as to what might be your best options for the setup you have or require. Don’t rely on others who’ve spent months or years researching and testing to quickly divulge all their settings to you.

Regarding your settings, consider doing more time between operations, more follows per operation and less time between follows. At present, you’re doing an average of 7.5 follows per operation, which will take an average of 90 seconds for each follow or 11.25 minutes total per 7.5 follows. Add the 4.5 minutes average wait between operations, and the time required to scrape and filter follow targets, and you could be looking at least 20 minutes per operation to follow 7.5 users. So, your account will be working constantly between night mode periods.

Yes, I do they have been working pretty well for me, I’ve been tweaking them for a month now…but over the last week I’ve gotten that Inauthentic like notice two times and I’ve been follow blocked twice in the month. The first time I adjusted my number of follows, unfollows and likes down to be closer to 60.

But now it’s just that inauthentic like notice that is coming up.

That’s common and I wouldn’t think much about it.

A lot of people are experiencing this issues in the past few weeks. There is a big thread about it around here, maybe worth reading in your case.

The best advise in any case of issues is to change one parameter at a time and writing down the results. That way you can figure out what is causing them or if it’s just a random wave of Instagram.

Thanks…other than those two things…I’ve been fine. I was just afraid it was my settings, that was causing it. But I’ve seen other people suggesting settings close to the ones I have. Like today, I notice that the tool started to follow via the embedded browser, so I assumed it encountered from block. Then it temporarily suspended for some hours and went back to allowing the follows. The suggestion that some made in this thread makes since. So, I’ll keep those in mind.

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You are going to have API problems with those settings. Too many requests and not enough down time.

Follow settings:
X3 your wait between operations times.
Reduce your delay between follows to get you back to 25 target follows.

Your user has number of followings is on and set to absolute numbers, better to have a min of 20 or switch it off.

This should get things more stable.


you should read this for a perfect warming.

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Also, check out the settings calculator in this tread:

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thanks…i did check this one out…i started using jarvee over a month ago and did warm it up

thanks, i checked this one out too and put my settings in and nothing lit up red. Really I think I’m being over concerned…but i did take into account what the others said. I’m looking into getting some scrape accounts to decrease possible api issues

2 things I can contribute. If you are looking for more engaged accounts, Check the box for user has a min number of posts and set to 20 or 30, max posts 4000.

  1. You need to check the box for “Check most recent posts for invalid words” for it to actually work. This help weed out xxx and spambot accounts.

Oh yea for followers/following in a specific range, no sense in following 1 million follower accounts or anything close to that as they will not generally follow back. 0-2500 & 0-3000 for starter accounts and 0-5000 & 0-3000 for mid size accounts are good places to start.