Shadow ban posts on Instagram

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this forum is amazing, so much interesting information.

I have a question - I have an account of 15k followers and everything went OK until 2 days ago. I’m using 25-30 #, different sizes (from small to a few bigger #), I respond to my followers who comment my posts, etc. I was getting a solid engagement between 1.5k to 2k likes per post.
But all of a sudden my last two posts were shadow banned. Can anybody tell me any good reasons for a shadow ban?

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There can be many reasons for this.

  • Did you notice that you did something differently than before?
  • How often do you post?
  • Do you play follow/unfollow game?


thanks for replying

  1. I changed two # (I added icelandelopement and icelandphotographer) for this two posts
  2. I’m posting once per day
  3. I don’t play follow/unfollow game, I only follow those accounts that I personally like

I’m a part of a few PODs - is this somehow connected?

Have another account post those new hashtags … as @wortime mentioned elsewhere new branded hashtags ghost a account and if another one uses it it is lifted. If that don’t work, remove them and I can almost tell you with certainty so will the shadow


when u say pods you mean engagement groups?
if you getting over 1k likes less then 6min you will get shadow ban + if you use big hashtags
and drive mad engagement to it, it also may get shadow banned

What makes you say that?

some dude on engagement group told me this

And you believe him? Didn’t you also link to a site that shows that your account is shadow banned but really isn’t?

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yes thats was weird one, but he told me the settings they set up on the automation is 10min-30min
so i couldnt get the shaddow ban from the egagement group, so he start to telling me about hashtags thing


thank you for all of your answers - I will first try to change this new # and see what happens then.

I normally get around 500- 600 likes in an hour or so and then slowly growing.

Will let you know.

Newly branded hashtags can be sent to some kind of SPAM filter. Until it gets X uses, or used X number of times by other people, it can have adverse effects on your account. If your new tag is too close to an actual banned tag, the same thing will happen, but it’s a bit harder to shake.

Broken, banned, or incorrect hashtags will do that. I’ve have had a post shadow banned by someone creating one as a joke about one of their friends names on a meme account I had. Result was instant hashtag ghosting. I deleted the post and everything was fine after.

If you also have a certain type of account, or enough numbers or reports by other users, it can have the effect on your account.

In short, there are a ton of reasons why it could be happening.

Also, how do you know you are shadow banned? How have you been checking?


Same question as WORTIME.
What was the no. of likes on your last two posts?
And how many likes did you usually receive from the PODs?

If someone is playing this game, what is your opinion about the the effects on the visibility/ reach of an account? When is the risk the highest with this game to get shadow banned?
Thanks for the info, Sladajana :slight_smile: :bouquet:


on my last two posts, I got around 500 likes but then everything stopped (no engagement from those who are not my followers). When I was into my account I saw my posts in top posts for some #, then I checked on my sister’s account who follows me, and the post was there. Then I unfollowed my account from her phone, I went to check top post and my post was gone.

So basically those who followed me saw the post, but all the others didn’t. That is also how I figure it out that this post was shadow banned.

For the no. likes from PODs - around 50 and around 30 comments in first 15 min (depends on activity from people in PODs)


Go through all of your posts and a few more to before you noticed the noticed the shadow ban. Check every tag, delete every comment that has a hashtag in it. If you have to, delete the last posts. Then check it again.

They have a button at Instagram that they can press and do the same thing as a hashtag ban. And they can do it without telling you. However most of the time it can be fixed by checking your hashtags and removing comments with hashtags in them.


I am experiencing this on one of my client’s accounts. Would reporting a problem to IG help be any good? I thought it was a bug… and I thought maybe tags didn’t work when I also tagged a product but for whatever reason none of my hashtags works. Turned off MP also and letting it take a break hoping that helps.

Here’s how to drop this:

  1. Disable your account for 3-5 days
  2. Re-enable it
  3. Post something with usually hashtags that you used before and it worked
  4. Promote the post. Put $4 - $5 and let it run 2-3 days. It works 100%
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