Shadowban Myth Real? Not appearing in hashtag or location/geotag


  1. This account is still a personal profile and not business.(So no analytic numbers)
  2. Manual f/uf action can still be done and action is not blocked(did not try automation but should work)
  3. It use to be on f/uf automation but has stopped and is not on automation already for two post.
  4. It would now only have notifications of likes and comments from the people who were already following it.
  5. It has new followers that i noticed, no idea if it is due to post not being discovered that was reached from impressions, home, profile, others etc not to mention hashtags.
  6. It previously uses single(one/post) hashtag for older post but has all been deleted since i noticed this issue.

Two recent photos posted would not appearing in hashtags and has been almost three days now since, even tested with uniquely created hashtags which are not banned for sure because i have tested on other accounts with unique hashtags and it appeared as the only post and is visible.

Same goes for locations, post photos with location on the same account which hashtags are not appearing, location post for the top nor the recent were not visible as well.

Another issue would be having no notifications(notification option enabled) of new followers for the two recent post in two days, unless i start following others. Which i tested following three huge celebrity accounts only to come to know i have been notified of one new follower which is a growth bot and no others who are from a real follower account.

I guess this is actually what @Alexnvo has mention in a similar topic Posts not appearing in hashtags?


  1. Should i continue to post consistently as usual and include hashtags or exclude them?
  2. How much would a post without hashtags be discovered? What ways would it be discovered?
  3. What should i avoid doing and for how long before the “shadowban is lifted”?
  4. Is there a possibility that the previous posts which were using the one same hashtag all the time be the culprit?(@wortime has mention about this on the topic Instagram Shadowban Tool) Do i need to actually delete all previous posts that might be causing the “shadowban”?
  5. Should i contact instagram support or submit “report a problem” if none of all would work?(considering it was previously on automation)

Would appreciate any advise. Thank you so much guys!

All these are answered in threads. Re read please

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most of these questions have been answered already and of course shadowbox is real these days Instagram just limits your reach on your content there are a few ways to remove a shadowban but it requires you not using the account for a few weeks until they remove the ban which can last months.

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Appreciated the advise given by both @Alexnvo @ELanimal

For those of you reading and wanting to advise on the questions or matter, feel free to leave a reply or PM me.
Thank you all for reading this.

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To explain more remove all hashtags from the last 15 post log out the account and deactivate it for 2 weeks then go back and see if the ban is remove if not then you will have to wait even longer say 1-2 months 2 weeks is the average for a shadowban