Share your Failure + Seek Help

After @dma0245’s thread on sharing your success, I though we also need a ‘share your failure’ thread to look for some guidance. So here’s mine.

Being hyped about my first sale attempt by promoting amazon products on IG, TW, and Facebook, here is the result:

Through IG, TW and Facebook, my post has reached about 10K followers and the result is 7 clicks with no sales at all. The pages have all nice engagement and I believe to have been subtle while posting the product, but yeah, here it is.

Any thoughts on how to fix this problem?

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Yikes! Thats some cringe worthy statistics :grimacing:

  • Check to see if your landing pages are mobile friendly
    Click Here To use a tool made by Google to check if your website is mobile friendly

  • Check to see if your links are clickable
    Sometime the Social Media Platform will ban your links or make them non-clickable

  • Check to see if your CPA offer is limited to specific regions
    Some CPA offers only work in specific states, provinces, or countries. Your followers may not be located in the right place

  • Try a different method of targeting your followers

  • Try offering a different CPA offer.
    Not All CPA offers have good click rates

  • Make sure your account, and websites do not appear as spam

  • Add additional information
    Lots of users may be interested in your CPA offer, but you have failed to provide them enough information which would allow them to make an educated decision whether or not to click your CPA offer.

  • Put yourself in your followers shoes
    I can never stress about this enough. I am in the Instagram Account Management Business and I deal with so many different account owners who contact me for help. They always say they have no clue why their account is not growing. As soon as I look at their account, all I see is duplicated posts which are all just ads. There is no theme, or any information at all. Put yourself in your followers shoes, and ask yourself; Would I follow this account? Would I click the link? If your answer is no, then ask yourself Why? and make the changes needed. If you have a hard time with this, ask you friend or family member to review your account and website. Ask them if they would click it. Ask them for their input on what needs to be changed.


Nice answer @BrandonBerner

There’s too much variable in your campaign. Try to focus on improving your CTR. Write better post, find better products then target better source.


the answer lies here! I have checked it and my link is not working on mobile.
WTF? In any case, thanks @BrandonBerner. You are a life saver!


AWESOME! Happy to hear I was able to help you find the problem.

…Now start making some money!

are we sure that this website is working properly? Because i have tested the link from two different devices at home and they seem to be functioning, while none of the devices on this site redirects to the link?

The website works for me. I dont think the website will allow site redirects. It only displays the page of the domain you entered. If you want to test both the landing page, and the main page, you would have to enter the urls in sepretly.

Example: If my landing page is and it has a auto redirect (or a button to redirect them) to I would need to first check to see if is working for mobile. If so, then I proceed to check if is working for mobile.

Click the link again. I have updated it to a Google made website to test if your websites are mobile friendly. Should be more reputable.

Now go figure;

The main website and the landing page work both on my mobile devices and on
However, while the CPA link works on my mobile devices, it does not work on

Strange. It may have to do with the fact does not provide a deviceID or something. Try the new google link I updated in my post.

All the links work. Back to square one :neutral_face:
I am curious as to why all the links on my website redirects while trying on, while the link of the CPA offer does not work. But I guess this is just me trying to blame it on some technical issue.

I believe that my promotion does fulfill all the points you make, so I’ll just try another item and see how it goes. Cannot think of anything else with all this disappointment

definitely try several, don’t give up after just one, I’ve seen instances when the offer itself was buggy and didn’t work, as for the disappointment - why? this is a game of trial and error and being in a constant battle with the social platforms, it’s never going to be easy…

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Well, you probably know how it feels
Can’t say I am not having fun, but money is the ultimate goal in this journey
And you want to see some conversion to this medium in order to find the motivation to keep going
I would still be happy if I managed to sell a single item.

Anyways, thanks for the motivation guys
I’ll try out some new items and see how it goes.


My suggestion is to try some giveaways/giftcards, converts very well.
BTW also was trying so sell some items (aliexpress) on fb,insta,twitter. Result was 0 :smiley: I’m not saying that it’s impossible to sell there, sure that was only my fault. But for me is easier to generate lead on 100$ mcdonalds giftcard, than sell some lighter :smiley:

Well, two zeros make quite close to impossible :smiley:
we’ll see how it goes

If you need money to stay motivated then take advantage of the other methods of making money on MassPlanner. This way you can pay your bills, and stay motivated working with CPA and learning new methods.

Try to create Popular Niche Accounts Get them 5-10k followers and sell them for $50-200 each. If you get 50+ accounts in different niches going all at once, you will have a serious payday.

There are tons of methods to make money with MP. Dont just use one method, when you can do multiple which run automatically in the background requiring no extra time from your day :slight_smile:


What is your traffic to the LP?

If there’s not enough traffic to LP, then maybe work on your CR on the social side. They need to be pre-sold before theyre willing to click.

And yeah, i have similar experience. People are liking the pics, but nobody is clicking into the link. Haven’t done enough test to proof whether the niche or targeting failed but at least i know somewhere in between.

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Thats my method:) and i can tell you, it works:) out of stock now…Back to work Danny!

Not in for the giveaway;)


Hahaha, as well as many others :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy to know you are selling out. Always a good sign.

If you want to maximize profits you can try instead to increase your prices just enough so that you have more accounts ready within the next few days. Just a thought :smiley:

…I wonder if we are competition on certain websites trying to sell the accounts we create. Dun Dun Dunnnn

After trying out three different products over the week, it’s now official that I cannot make any sales
My current plan is to reduce the amount of work/cost these accounts require and let them grow inactively to the point where they can be profitable. This might take anywhere between 6 months to 1 year and I plan to auto-pilot everything I can, using either reposter or campaigns. We’ll see how it goes, but my dormant accounts that currently have no activity gets %20 followback, so it should not be too bad.

Hey Brandon, can you recommend me few places where I could sell my IG accounts? I need a sale or two urgently