Shift to manual work with employees? need help how people actually done this

Hi guys, we’ve been doing client management automation, start from FL to J, probably 3 years+
and we were manage average of 150+ account per month,
(drop to 60+ just recently)

Since there is problem here and there, growth seem to getting least and least.
I kinda wanna shift to doing the job manually with labors (since we’re based in Thailand),
this might bring more growth for my clients account, and safer for the cleint’s account as well.

But we get the benefits of follow back ratio here in J, which is really useful, and had became a strategy for us to keep our subscription client’s continue their plan.

  • I wonder what’s the best way to doing these manually and
    how do you guys maybe keep track of follow back ratio for the client,
    to scope the target groups later on?

  • Is there anyone successful manually manage multiple client’s account,have any thought about these and willing to share (here or private)?

  • How much do you guys price the service, what’s your pricing plan and which functions are provided?

  • How do you keep track of the work each account done (follows&likes) by the labor?

  • Instead of doing them on mobile, can we also do these on mobile’s emulator as well?

Thank you very much, and sorry for my broken English.


It depends if you are a good person or bad person. Good person would build trust with his team and check their work once a week. Work with them, advise them, explain objectives- it will translate into better results. Write down the results once a week for each worker and assuming they are paid well you can hope that they are working as good as they can.
I would go this way personally, buy them nice unexpected things, create good “family like” atmosphere, be a boss everyone would like to work for. Plan well the sources and explain people when and how to write down the followbacks (each time they log in for example)
You can also just write down once a week the number of accounts followers to monitor the growth.
Now let’s move on to a bad person.
Did you ever see professionals playing chess?
They have this funny thing, a timer.
One batch of actions should be 30 seconds max including logging in and out. Turning the airplane mode on/off too.
You can make a rule, that the slowest person has to (…) . You can make a rule that the fastest person gets (…). Every action block- ten pushups. Sky is the limit.


Thank you for the reply, I see we can also note the followback to in excel and calculate them later on,
but this going to require lots of work though and also time consuming, right now we’re charging customer from 50USD - 115USD per month, seem like we’re going to do too much work for the price, and Im sure we need to change our price we charged as well. Now customer will rethink would the price worth it or not, they can even go to instagram ads as an alternative if it getting more expensine.

Currently I tried to be the good person, and treat the team (my chat’s admins) pretty much family like. However, to really manage let’s assume 100 clients accounts,
I think we need at least 10 people for the jobs, (10 account each maybe) and without regulations or rules to track the performance of labor I think they performance going to be really random.

Bad guy sound like he would do the job, but we still can’t check if the job is actually done each action right?

I have been doing Manual follow/unfollow with my team for the past 3 months and it’s only getting better and better. I have a team of VA’s, most importantly a manager that teaches every VA how it’s done. My manager not only works but also works on improving our service, less blocks, finding patterns, etc… It is not easy to find them over the internet, but you need to find the right people that will work for you.


charge the extra - what you pay to the employee.
I try all ways, but fot now most important is to keep costumers with you until new tool wil;l be out there

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do you guys also track FBR as well?

For FBR, you can scrape users with Jv and then follow them manually source by source from the exported Excel list. Then once you unfollow, just go back the same order and check if they followed you back. Obviously some are going to follow after but some are also going to unfollow so it should give you a rough estimate per source.

Give each source a day or 2 and work with 3 sources in a row.

Just my 2 cents on how you could do it.

hire some one to create a script for you to mimic human actions on phone.
Better to have local managers to monitor your accounts

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As a security expert I can tell you all tasker style application are easy to detect.
There are other ways, but I don’t think it will be easy, I am working on this for 4 mothes + and see very possitive results (better than manuall)

Instagram is not stupid to to go after manual actions because this is gonna fuked-ip their platform and then everyone including regular users going to be flooded with action blocks

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I really like the idea of getting real people to do the micro tasks for us, since they can also scrape account as identify real target account by the target’s content. but there is no indicator to check if the task actually done every account every single day, this going to be pain to check their works.
We need managers to take care of the labors, but still this is still hard even with managers.


We do keep track of the growth, not so much FBR, if grown one day is bad then we remove that source.

Tracking every accounts on IGblade.
Workers are assigned accounts with #'s woker #1, #2, #3, etc… This way we could also track what worker is not performing well.


Thank sir this really give me the idea of how can I check the standard of each labor work as well as the source.

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are you offering this service for hire? If so, I’d appreciate a quote.

@Jop @ericksgyrl Actually I seem to need this as well, J seem to got hit completely now on my end, and I need services to continue my work, at least before im ready for this, or even better continuously use the services here.

This is going to be the new IG biz of 2020. I can see hundreds of these companies popping up just due to the sheer demand.

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we are doing instagram manual actions from 3-4 months now handling more than 500 accounts for agencies, you cant track follow back ratio very efficiently by doing actions manually but you can do everything else

we use jarvee to scrape accounts then follow them manually doing that we can engage with very specific audience because you can use all jarvee filter, also you can scrape active accounts with higher follow back ratio, we unfollow them after 3 days to make sure they dont get mad for immediately unfollowing them, and by doing that average monthly follow we get clients are 1000, also you can use dashlane to give your assistants account access instead of sharing account pass with them, the functions we provide are
*200 follow, 200 unfollow, 200 likes every day , 7 days a week
*mute after follow, Sending Wecome messages
*80-100 comments, 50-60 dms

  • White list (not unfollowing accounts followed by client), black list.
    *we dont charge if account get block which mostly never happen.

Also we have found manual setup to be much cheaper than paying for automation service and costly proxies.

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i was going to mention this too… the cost of 4g data plan in my country is significantly cheaper than buying 50 dollar USA mobile proxies out there

for 50 dollar i can get 4 sim card each with 180 GB of data per month… which is more than enough to run 5 or more accts per month

labor is also cheap… so when i do the math… doing manual is like 5-10 percent more expensive than software bots… but you cant beat the robustness and peace of mind

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i think intead of buying phones and 4G sim if you let your agents use their own phone and 4g sims it will be impossible for insta to track you and it will be more cheaper.

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