Shift to manual work with employees? need help how people actually done this


phones are cheap anyways… its a one time fee of 40 dollar

most of my workers dont want to use their phone as it gets overheated easily doing all these stuff in a day


Are any of you doing the actions from a US location?


You might’ve missed the part where they say that automated machines are actually more expensive than their workers.

It seems like their employees cost less than electricity and a $50 software license.


People saying Manual work is cheaper then botting are out of their minds. Are your workers slaves or what?


It does not matter, and if you are going to use USA workers the costs will be huge.

@pmonabsol people have provided some good suggestions in this thread, try them . Everyone has a different process of working and it may not be a good fit for you but given enough time you will have your own process.

Manual works and that’s not a theory it’s a fact. We have been doing it for a few months now and results are amazing. Of course, some people pulled numbers like 1k+ average in this thread but let me tell you something - a coffee shop in NYC targeting NYC people will never get to 1k in a month with average content. We don’t promise numbers , we talk with client and realize their expectations and requirements and then see what can be done to match those

P.s - manual is not cheaper than mp


Tell me more about these amazing numbers.

Everyone always talks as if you could do the impossible manually, when you still get blocked if you push the limits.

Is it worth it when using cheap labor? Maybe…
Would I ever give valuable accounts to said cheap labor? No.


I didnt mean US workers yeah the wages would be $$$$$ - I meant US based logins (assuming that is possible?)


that’s what we do, U.s based logins are 100% possible


The Zuck Squad thought they’d kill automation and the dollars would flow to the Ads Manager, but no - it’s flowing to manual operations at a higher rate than automation. The outcome is even less dollars going to the Ads Manager.


We need to get Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger back in the IG offices, they left in Sept 2018 over tensions with Zuck about the direction of IG, they seem to allow automation based on their exit timing.


I live outside the US but many of my clients are from the US. Are you using your own country’s 4G LTE on your phone when manually managing their accounts or a US-based 4G mobile proxy? How do you handle with this?



login via U.S IP , then use local 4G


Thank everybody for commenting, after some thought I should really go manual, and maybe we can creat more offline work opportunities in the future,

however we’re not quite ready yet, so by chance, is there anyone thats doing manual work at the moment are open up for agent and his clients accounts and ready to work together? As I stated above we charge our customer 50-115usd per month, Thailand based


Local 4g from your country or the USA? :slight_smile:


hey do you do mute right after follow? and how do you manage unfollows of 3 days old follows?
if you choose followings and choose latest then the 3 days old follows would be way down the list.


how much do you guys usually pay per employee?


if you say out of your mind, you need to understand that there are places in this world where the minimum wage is $150/month… read more news on the internet or an easy google search would give you this information

so that’s about 5 dollars per day, and a single guy can handle 10-25 accounts per day easily (mine handles 50++ accounts)…

compare that to using software bots… did you take account the downtime/lost you experienced each time IG updates each week or so ?


Don’t forget to add mobile phones (probably 10-50 phones), mobile data usage, and other costs… I assume your guy doesn’t use his own 10-50 phones so you provide him so it’s an investment too :slight_smile:


do you use manual or automated to f/uf


yes phones are a one time fee, where as VPS is a monthly fee
mobile fee is cheap, 180 GB for $10/month


yeah i know so we go down to unfollow them, and no we mute users in different session