Shift to manual work with employees? need help how people actually done this


I’m also about to switch to manual this month and already building the processes. At least for direct management of clients, slaves is another story obviously.

Just tracking the FBR needs a bit of planning. I’m thinking about using 1 source for around 5 days. When working with Excel sheets, you could scrape the followers before using the sources and after that (weekly or monthly) so you have the new followers. Do you guys know an efficient way to compare this 2 lists of followed users and new followers? Something like highlighting the users in the list of followed users based on the list of new followers? There has to be a way doing that in bulk, without going into each one manually.

On the other hand I’m thinking if choosing niche relevant sources and filtering them correctly from the beginning isn’t enough. Followers to Followings Ratio to 1 and staying under 2000/2000 and with that just scraping the lists without caring about FBR. In addition to that liking 2-3 pictures before follow.


Guys believe it or not , Jarvee is dying. At this rate they can’t keep up with the changes that IG is making. Either figure out a way to move forward or go extinct. A Few resilient roaches on here will survive. I want all of us to move forward and say that we made it. Just do something and keep moving forward. It doesn’t have to be manual, it can be shoutouts, dm likes , ads . Whatever works for you may not work for xyz person. Practice it, master it, own it, its all yours. The demand for growth is not going anywhere, its just increasing. Don’t build your business on something that can be taken away overnight.

That being said, i do recognise realities and its time to drop all jarvee licenses and believe me its not coming from someone who is a newbie, its coming from someone who used to have a lot more licenses than this. Manual won’t make what MP was making but hey its a step forward for me and has been working fine since August -


I have trusted my clients with @Tux, currently have 8-10 accounts with him. All growing nicely with no AC’s, no blocks and not even an EV during login. I’ve put all new clients with him as well as older high paying clients as I slowly ween myself off of JV. Still have 90% of my clients with JV though.


@tux are you now using manual to grow your accounts?


I know FBR is tough on manual. One thing I want to wrap my head around, how do you whitelist using manual?


And everyone doing manual outside the US BUT logging in from Los Angeles or something with VPN / Proxy. Doesn’t that add a layer that IG could pick up? So it’s not a true mobile phone log in?


i think instagram is fine with it since you use their official API & App.


Going manual still needs a way to scrape users to compare. Anything like that needs api calls. And guess what that means!
Not to mention to keep track of pending requests and to avoid following same users again and again within same niche.

I am not saying it is not possible but it really needs some proper planning than just excell.


i’m really confused some here says jv is still working fine and some say manual is the only thing with other growth method that you can do to survive


Although Jarvee is working well for someone it can have issues again in the future. Some guys on the forum are setting up their Manual Management system to avoid this problem.

On the other hand, most of them will continue to use Jarvee because it is a great tool for scraping.


yes but there is no other option for the same prices if you want to scale manual follow you have to get a team of va it will cost a lot more

yes there is organic growth and ads but automation with m/s is by far one of the best if not the best method to grow sadly if jarvee get more problems we will have no other alternative of a public similar bot


Sorry for the image quality, but I left my automation to a person who doesn’t even know what he’s doing…

No blocks on new accounts, no blocks on aged accounts, no blocks on any accounts.


lol and still people tell that jv will die even facebook automation no one talk about it isn;t dying

For Manual Growth : Multiple Phones , sim cards . Virtual Assistant…

For Automated growth : Quality account+proxy,good setup and that’s it

Manual remain the less problematic but cost way more and if you work only by yourself like most of us here it’s pretty much a no choice option to go with automation .


Yes manual is working for me. Have a lot of 50k+, so will be trying proper no spammy shout-outs as well. No luck with ads though.

FBR calculation can be done, it’s kind of tough and boring. We maintain Excel sheets and use vlookup, can’t break down the entire process though. You don’t need to whitelist the users followers by client because we do follow/unfollow via a list, so clients can freely follow anyone.

Not really as that is just used for cookie generation. Maybe in future it may not hold true but for now it works. In the end we can always explain to the client’s and use local 4g ips to login itself.

I can also run any account with no blocks for 1-2 weeks, after that you are going to get blocks. I can share my mp screenshots everyday with all green but that doesn’t change a thing.


Can you use DC proxies when doing manual or do you need 4g proxies for manual as wel?


With manual I think isnt it better to go real 4g cellular data?


Hi, May i know where do you get clean ip?


even Vpn that don’t leak the webrtc works in manuall/good bot.


IP from your sim provider is as clean as it gets


We are in the china, sadly our SIM is not working on IG. So we need a clean ip to login IG.:rofl: