[SHITLIST NOT RESOLVED - CLOSED] ⚪ ALPHA MEDIA - Premium Giveaway Growth service for Personal & Business accounts

We have managed to get the right framework to get Wow Results, Engagement and Tier 1 audience.

While the Others Agencies are not Clear and don’t give Guarantees, we’re for “Not-Marketing Words But Real Results” so here what you’ll get:

First of all, Each Giveaway is Guaranteed and Over-Delivered.

Each Promotion is over-delivered:

This means that when you will purchase a package with 10.000 Followers Guaranteed, we will deliver you an Average of +10 / 30% Followers, this not because we’re benefactors, but because we’re for a clear communication with our customers.

Each Giveaway has a Drop Rate:

That’s why we’re over-delivering and guaranteeing until the end of the giveaway and for 30days.

Drop Rate:

Means that some people will un-follow you, this is NOT because the followers are “not-real”, BUT because some people just follows you during the Giveaway period because they want to WIN and then un-follows you when the Giveaway ends, while the others ( the ones Guaranteed ) will remain and engage Long-Term because they like your content.

This is just a clear explanation as our agency Alpha Media™ is based on Real Results and a Clear Communication with his customers and that’s why they’re “Chilled-Out” and Returning .

You’ve to worries about NOTHING because you will have your number of followers Guaranteed, so:

We Firmly Belive That You Can Relax Now, Chill Out And Just Watch How Alpha Media™ Will Take-Off Your Instagram Notoriety…


+10000 Followers 400€
+50000 Followers 2000€
+100000 Followers 4000€

Specific Gender Targeting ( Male/Female):

+10000 Followers 600€
+50000 Followers 3000€
+100000 Followers 6000€

Packages up to +500.000 Followers

Spots are LIMITED and with a 15/day Rotation ( next on 07.07 ).
Reservation and Pre-payment re-quired.

Paypal, Transferwise, Bank

Do I need to share my password?

No, we only need the username.
We require the profile to be set as public and not private, in order to allow us to track the results of our advertising campaign.

How do you drive traffic?

We use on rotation our Alpha Media™ Private Network of Fanpages and Influencers.
( For Security Reasons and Competitor Inflaction we’re not disclosing them ).


Tier 1 Countries ( Well over +60% Europe and Usa ).


Fast, usually 96h / 7 days

Are you followers Real and Active?

Yes, at Alpha Media™ we offer and we will ALWAYS offer only Real Growth.

If you have worked with some “Wannabe Agency” who doesn’t respect the word given, this is how you can double-check Our Real Alpha Media™ words yourself:

“Just send a message to some users that started following you after activating our services, and you’ll see that they will reply to you.”

This means that they are 100% Real Humans.

For Everything else feel Free to Contact us.

Resellers and Partnerships are Welcome!
Keep Crushin’ it!

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Thread approved. Good luck!

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Roughly 100% GERMAN Followers

The Highest Retention Rate , with our Alpha Media Giveaway System.

Below you can see the insights of a +5000/Month Plan ( in 2 months the maximum unfollow ratio/day was just - 8 Followers ) you can see and check yourself the quality of our service based on the insights.

Bought this service at the beginning of July, +10000 Followers 400€ .
They delivered just 4500 followers for now.
They don’t interact, they are all from turkey and philippines.
They don’t answer at my request of clarification about these problems.
It’s a fraud stay away.

Ah. Just to be clear.
The profile is with personal content about high quality travel photography about an hot gal.
So no, is not the kind of profile that you can blame with this.


Darn, I need a giveaway plug for EU followers. I had some hopes with these ones.

Can you deliver EU followers ?

If so, what countries (looking for UK or Germany).

Looking for 1k tester before buying your bulk packages.

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