Should we avoid posting multiple times a day?

  1. I heard posts published on the same day compete with each other for reach. Your new post kills the potential reach of your older post posted on the same day. Is it true?
  2. Does this vary niche wise, account size wise?
  3. I’m talking about entirely different set of hashtags for every post posted on the same day. No hashtag would be repeated on a given day.
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I don’t think that posting multiple times a day destroys the reach, but posting too many posts per day may do.

Posting more than 3 times a day is not a good idea, and you need to analyze your audience and see the best time to post.


Yup I agree It’s generally recommended to post at least once per day don’t spam your followers with more than 3 or more post.

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Once a day is a good choice. And try to post “Reels” too, because the reach is better than storys and feed. The reason is the fight Instagram x TikTok, reels is very similar to TikTok.


What I know for sure is that posting 3x / day is almost like spam, to me… Once per day will be the big winner :chart_with_upwards_trend:

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This. They really want Reels to compete with tiktok so if you focus on reels you will achieve your reach goals :slight_smile:

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better to avoid that if you see big accounts and the way they work most of them post one a day and sometimes once every 2 days, that been said the best way is to test for a few days and see how it goes.

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I’m deliberately avoiding to post reels.
My target audience is outside of my country. Geographically far away.
Reels give you more regional reach than any other type of post.


Yeah, especially if your account is not that big. If you’ve got smaller account then I would recommend going with 1 post per day if you want to keep your engagement high.

“Should” is a dangerous word to use in this case given no one can directly speak for what you are looking for. Also, there’s no “golden standard” for posting without knowing what the end result YOU seek from your audience.

I violate most of the answers here given on recommendations and found great “success” doing so across many metrics I valued. I still do to this day duplicated over many accounts. What does that look like for you? That will tell you whether its worth posting multiple times a day versus avoiding it.

You have good general advice in regards to your specific questions from the responses above: it can “compete” with other posts, but that doesn’t mean it will indefinitely & kill the reach of the others. The other two questions are best answered in knowing what niche your account will be in & knowing it intimately enough to judge that for yourself. And it doesn’t matter if you use the same hashtag set: so long as you don’t spam post.

But that doesn’t answer your original question asked in the Headline. If you should or not depends entirely on what you want in running the account.

no hashtags, 3-5 post a day used mentions related to my audience,
made that way 1k+ new followers every week(100-200k reach weekly trough explore page only) no F/UF or mass liking (no bot) all organic , no send DMS, only receive DMS (ask for it)
all actions done by real phone and human real actions,no bot

Here’s what I want:
Assuming I am using right hashtags, I need maximum reach among non-followers. I have been getting 60%, although overall reach was low. Recently my carousels were getting only around 20-30%. So started putting video posts.

I assume that, if the percentage is above 60%, things are going decent. And overall reach would increase by other methods. For example, consistency, LIVEs, cross promotions etc. I am satisfied with my engagement rate too. (ninjalitics says it is above avg)

How does the size of the account play a role here?

Hi Luca,
I have been waiting for your answer. I always look forward to response from you whenever I post a query :blush:.

If you say, I should test, then I WOULD test. :+1:

I hardly think my single post reach even one third of my total followers (My followers are 180. Personal brand page.)

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I’m in the sports niche and almost every single big account posts in a way that would give social media blog writers a heart attack.

They don’t use hashtags, they don’t write long captions, and they all post lots.

Here’s what I mean:

Premier League: 6-10 posts per day
Sportscenter: 5-15 per day
NBA: 20-40 per day

These guys grow 10,000+ per day organically. There are smaller legit pro sports channels (100k-1M followers) doing similar and growing at the same rate, so it’s not just because they have 20M+ followers.

Now, does that mean you should copy them? No. Instead, experiment and see what works for you.

But it shows you don’t really need to worry about posting multiple times per day - match it to your account size and the amount of content you have.

@Gtamaster got it right with this


I’ve always been posting 2-4 times per day on my accounts

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Can you tell us about niche and sizes of those accounts?
Do you use hashtags?

I am a very small account with just 180 followers (personal brand). Also, one of the big reasons I need to use hashtags is to gain reach among my target audience which is far away from my geographical region. Audience from my own region are futile for me.

I have responded to this and also have mentioned what I want. If you could read it, you might be in a better position to address the query.

I meant more like, account’s trust score an, but basically, if you’ve got a big audience, you’ll prolly have better chances of getting great engagement on multiple posts.