Shoutout new -- part 2 —slave hatched and ready

Start, shout and feed it.
Rinse and repeat .
The account for new slave is complete.
3 months grew to 41k

My network now just a little below 4 million


I found your posts and comments really helpful.
I have few questions if you would like to answer just in your opinion.

1-Do you think when reposting ig content we should remove metadata. Is it affects post engagement?

2-I have made 3 accounts few months back 2 were business and 1 was personal and i am reposting viral content from my main 4th account on all these 3 account or viral posts fromo other accounts.
Those 2 business account got throttled after 15k or 20k followers(Posts stopped going viral like they used to 12k to 20k now they hardly gets more than 4k)
but the 3rd (Personal account 43k) is doing well still getting daily followers 250+ and posts easily gets more than 8K to 15K.
Do you think it was due to business and personal account difference?

3- I have 4th account also i have tested to stop using hashtags on that account because it was not getting enough daily followers (Less than 100) account was at 31k but had a good engagement 15% to 20%. Now engagement is dropped to 3% to 5% and daily followers also stopped sometimes they goes in negative.
Do you have any idea how can i improve this?

Thank you for reading this.
Have a great day and Keep sharing your valuable posts.

(Edit sorry for that Congrats word was pasted by Mistake)

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don’t know i dont do it.

don’t think it makes a difference
i got creator accounts doing well – no business btw

I always post better pictures. that does the trick

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Day 1 5th post. First 24 hours 5,841 followers. I am stupid for using hashtags.


I have an account that is at around 23k followers. A month or two ago it was growing at around 300-500 followers a day organically! Then it was banned, and because it was banned for no reason, when I got around to unbanning it a month later it was unbanned on my first unban request. But now the account is loosing around 10 followers a day… my plan is to start automating it again to start gaining some momentum and then let it grow organically again. Any thoughts on what I can do to try to get the account to start growing again?

do what you did before, it worked right? do it

that’s true, but the way I started to grow the account before the July crisis. So if I try to kickstart it again using follow unfollow it will take 6 times longer, but I don’t think I have a choice.

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You got some impressive results with your Network @Alexnvo. Is there a thread in the marketplace waiting for me on level 2 where i can pay to use this as a service :blush: ?

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I don’t sell services

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what is your niche bro

Would have been too good to be true. :wink:

@Alexnvo I really appreciate your posts when you share tips and knowledge, but I cannot understand why you need to “show off” your results when you know that ppl in the forum cannot replicate them or learn from them, you repeat often that you don’t sell your services, so you do it just for your ego?

Please don’t get me wrong, I value most of your participation here but this…

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Um you don’t know this forum. There are plenty of people who can and do. Fine as you wish I won’t post


People won’t have the numbers like Alex has when they start building a network today but replicating the strategy or at least getting some inspiration for the approach is very possible. It takes a lot of time in the beginning but it seems to be worth it.

We all know that building a network works, it’s being done for years, my point is why to share just “results” and not added value whatsoever. He is very collaborative I was just telling him my opinion, trust me there are plenty people here with huge accounts and amazing results too. Cheers.

Note: I really like this forum because we can share all kind of opinions.

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well, considering EVERYTHING I KNOW is in topics here, with methods and results anyone can use and replicate – plus I give updates on Instagram feed/status. I have topics on ‘when to unfollow’, what to expect when going private back to public, how to do shoutouts and others – others don’t even touch …why? because they sell that info. I give it for free. I HAVE NOTHING TO SELL. That right there is the key. . If I had something to sell, with the stuff I give – i would be making bank. Never fucking forget that… Topic closed.


Man can people just be thankful when quality content is being shares instead of always bitching.

Thank You for sharing your experiences with us! Some of us do really appreciate it when experienced users freely share what they’ve learned thru their journeys, to help Noobs or Weekend Warriors like myself out.

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do not stop you sharing my friend
you giving a very good info that can and do help to alots of people hare
and its very interesting to she the way you growing you accounts
cap out the good work :clap:


Sorry mr you do alot of work for us also a great information always answer honestly
Just wanted to say thanks as it may let you know that there’s ppl still believe that you help

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