Show your workspace!


Here’s mine. Still moving in. I just got this office in central Florida.


You’ve got a little @Johnny on your desk!


Ah yes, @wortime. When I worked at a marketing agency for a year, I was the oldest one there and trained all the Padawan learners. I kept Yoda nearby at all times as a reminder to the younglings as to what my role was. :slight_smile:


eyyyyyyyy!! I also follow that music channel on youtube!! :clap::raised_hands:



I think this is pretty dope setup for 16 year old kid :stuck_out_tongue:



This guy really loves the internet. :sunglasses:



The Minimalist Gaming Getup by Ikea



All these photos make me confused.

My desk is full with coffee cups, glasses, empty Pepsi Max bottles, last months bills I still need to pay, a couple of hundred sim cards which need to be organised,

Did you all clean before making these photos ??


I would bet good money hahah, that’s why I didn’t post mine XD


I’m a clean freak with my office lol. I wipe down everything every day before starting my day.


On my Desk you see one sim card, xD


Beautiful space, I would love to work here


Update to the above picture:

Built out the other corner of the “mega desk” and added the iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017). Also added some new lighting:


wow, I love that setup.

And salt lamps are the tits :heart_eyes:


pan shots are harder then I expected )


Thanks! Yeah good vibes with the salt lamp :grin:


This is a pic of my office about a week before we moved in.

The central hall is now 100% outfitted for photo/video shoots.

And the female mannequin has been stolen… hmm…


I have a little question. I see you using a personal laptop that is not a VPS. Why?