Show your workspace!


The radiation :frowning:


Some people still think that mobile phones / modems / and all that kind of shit has bad radiation? Sascha… it’s just warmth radiation, not problematic unless you let your head get cooked, then it might be a bit bad. But not really that bad, it’s physics :slight_smile:


I doubt that people get tumors because of “warm radiation”


You never met my ex wife. Chernobyl is afraid of her


How cool is having your own Chernobyl in the server room :grin:


Plush leather edition made by Versace. It’s not much, but it’s home.


Yes they don’t. That’s what I am saying. It’s not dangerous.


Empty :ghost:


Your laptop is similar to my laptop, please tell me the configuration of that laptop and how many running social network account on it? great


Holidays office in Greece Halkidiki greetings to all members :call_me_hand:


couldn’t concentrate on any work with that view! )


Yes it’s very hard!


Can’t even wait until I’m in my new apartment (with an office room) so I can have a work space like you all lol. Working on the living room couch or kitchen table is terrrrrrible.


You are doing it right :+1:
But put away that coffee mug and let me order a proper Frappe for you from that taverna downstairs :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you, I’m waiting for my Frappe :grimacing:


I think we all started here at one point!

Posture is very important while being on the computer for so many hours a day, and a desk and proper chair will really help with that. When I first started, I was having crazy headaches from working on a laptop so many hours without a proper desk. Investing in your work space is a great investment for the business. :slight_smile:


I can’t really take a picture of mine… but I work in a closet with a window that has a tiny Ikea desk with two monitors taking up the whole thing. Have about 1 foot of space in either direction on only 2 sides of the desk… I think you get the picture. Life is expensive.

Me soon:


Thank God for Ikea.


I work outside my house. Love it. Amazing view + 100% privacy.



The paint on the Kaziba & fountain are faded in this pic, I actually had them repainted yesterday and they look 10x better now.