Show your workspace!


I’m very often copying and pasting into MP, whether from my spreadsheet/database, some spintax I’ve been writing out, things like that. Or otherwise just having up MPSocial or whatever else on the side is really good.

I have a Dell XPS 15 which offers the one HDMI output, so I’ve just received the other day a USB-C to HDMI adapter, so I can throw up another monitor (making three displays in total). I know my brother for his video business has like 5 monitors or more (like the photo above) and that seems really good because he can have a thing for say a planner/calendar, emails, FB/Messenger, Main Editor, Preview Screen, etc.

But that’s overkill for my needs. An extra monitor or two is really nice to just speed things up and make it visually easier.


Find me in my beachside jungle vibe :sunglasses:


Started from the bottom! haha I finally just bought a new iphone x and refurbished laptop and could not be happier. Was nearly homeless when I started my ecommerce and marketing journey. Now we have a successful agency, scaling faster than I ever thought possible, and feel so blessed to have the opportunities ahead of me that I do now. Love my job haha And so happy I dont have use my broken macbook anymore and actually have the tools and resources available to me now that I was so heartbroken werent in the beginning. Now I have a team of 6 of the brightest people I know working together and its fun seeing how something small can grow and expand in the ways it has.

and yes, that is a stripper pole next to the pink pillow I lean against in my office. Its ergonomically designed to support my back because my arthritis doesnt like the floor. Ive managed to upgrade since this pick though lol no more floor office. but starting with nothing makes you appreciate everything youd normally take for granted. Ive worked hard, and had to be resourceful beyond anything you could imagine lol Definitely paying off now though!


Did you almost go broke in the first place because you bought a macbook?:grin:





Hehe dont mind the messy desk…


Dude I have the same alexandrine parrtots, 2 of them (a couple)!


Current setup with MacBook Pro as working machine and on the left is closed a Lenovo W520 I can access through Remote in case I need some Windows.


So, many, screens. Love this post, inspiring to see where people spend their time. Anyone opt for a standing desk? Really want to get one.


I have one!
Really a blessing after lunch when my energy gets a dip a change de desk to standing position really helps me get through the day


My cave and my best employee :cat: :wink:


You are mining there


lol PUBG is MP biggest enemy



Cute pupper! Shitzu mix?


Those who use 4K monitors, does it kind of give you more eye strain ? I am thinking of getting LG 27UK650 soon. Would love to get some inputs.


trading crypto or more traditional financial assets?


Looks really low? doesn’t it hurt your back!?


I have 2X 42inch LED screens… eye strain is a thing of the past now I think… You can buy tinted glare glasses for this if its an issue after. I’m a currency trader. Sat watching screens all day. No issue.


Two! That must be a huge desk :blush: