Show your workspace!



@florin22xxl how is this metal stick to attach monitors called? :thinking:


costed me more than double to have it shipped to Europe…but its pretty awesome.It 3 small tubes that attach to each other if you don’t need max height.
Top quality product.


Lol I’ve been traveling and living for a couple months here and there like a nomad for 3 years now (with a 9 month break), and I’m finally about to settle down hopefully for good. Or at least be based there so I can have an office and get into a real routine.

My posture is TERRIBLE. Hoping I can correct it when I move lol.


We probably all need one of these


nah,just one of these herman miller


Aerons are good, that’s for sure. Super late edit: But I’m not made of money and could never afford one.


Got an additional DIY fan to cool my PC :flushed::joy:


You can’t call yourself a boss until you have one of these:


Just $6000? BRB going on a shopping trip.


I cant see anywhere to rest coffee. Ideally it’d have a built in coffee maker. Then I’d never have to leave


Where is this? It looks amazing man.


Looks like Kentucky.


Still setting up the office, no walls yet, but it’s going to be amazing when its done :sunglasses:



Looks like you left the water running.


somethin lik tits


Its OK, my water bill is tax deductible.Trying to get a massive tax rebate so maybe I can get some of those sweet fold-able office chairs next year :grin:


I can see a lot of you guys use 2-3 monitors. Isn’t that distracting?

there are a lot of articles on increased productivity by using multiple monitors, but as someone who uses a laptop for MP only, what could possibly be the benefit for me to have a TV show or a You Tube channel on a second monitor?
What am I missing here?


Allows you to research while having your main project open.


As mentioned, you can have one session open and research emails etc on the other two. Very handy especially if running a chat system etc.