SIM Card Provider Germany


Since manual IG account creation seems to be the go to method for quality accounts, I am looking for some sim card solutions, especially in Germany.

I have a 4G prepaid data sim + old phone with which I want to create 5 slave accounts for the beginning. I would like to PV them with different burner phones. Now theres the problem. I can not find cheap bulk sim solutions, such as @CatX describes in his guide CatX - The Ultimate Mother / Child Guide + Updated Jarvee Settings.

I’ve also heard that prepaid sim cards which are not loaded with funds for a specific time e.g. after 2 months will be deactivated by the provider. Is this different in the UK?

Does anyone encountered this problem too and could give a hint?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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In Austria the SIM card get’s closed after 12 months after the last deposit.
Also in Austria the SIM cards are much cheaper than in germany. Germany is crazy expensive in that regard and in many others.
In Austria you can buy SIM cards for 2 Euro each and have them for 12 months.

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Really? Can you send me some? I will pay.

To activate those SIM cards you need an Austrian ID to activate it and if you use the card out of Austria they will block it within weeks maybe a few months.

Depending on how many cards you need, I could help out with German SIM Cards. Shoot me a DM.