Site Groups Marketing



If we bought several dedicated IPs, domains and create several Pin accounts.

One IP is for 3 Pin accounts with 3 different domains.

Every site is created as the landing site. Replace the button “Add to cart” under the product’s title to “Go to buy”, the customers are redirected to our one main e commerce site to buy.

If so, our main site would be thought cheat by Google?
Because the BackLinks are from the sites we created.


If you care about SEO, then you should add some content to those Landing Pages, at least 5-6 posts with 2-3K words in total. You can make blog on each of websites (landing pages) and add content there.


Thanks for your reply.

We make that strategy just for the traffic from the Pinterest.

Currently the strategy of bot Pinterest accounts can not get much traffic.

So we consider such alternative way.

For such strategy, every Pinterest accounts run totally complying with the policy. Even if every account bring us 10 traffic to us, we can make 100, or 300 accounts for more traffic.

But we worry if this would lead to the misunderstanding by Google. We do not mean to create the BackLinks for our main site.

For the SEO site groups strategy, the blogger creates so many blogs with different IPs and then point the keywords to the main site in order to create the fake backlinks.