Smaller results last days on IG from f/u

Has anyone noticed something unusual like smaller results since few days ago on IG from F/U manually or through JV whatever? It’s like IG automatically unfollow the person after you tap follow, or they are hiding notifications? I am getting 50-70% less followers depending on account from F/U, nothing changed in sources, users…

Are you using the follow and unfollow tools at the same time? Are you getting a constant amount of followers? If yes, see if you have the option below checked:

I don’t notice FBR drop, but I saw a thread about the same issue a few days ago, I’m not sure if this is a new shadowban and it happens only to some accounts Instagram hiding the following requests sent?

They’re hiding notifications. Nothing surprising. They do the same thing with DM’s. People can see your request, but they don’t get the notification.

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why u still using F/UF?

What else would he / she use?

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everything else just dont f/uf this is like most primitive way to grow, its old. new ig algorithm is way more advanced, if you actually give a shot and try to figure it out(the algorithm), you will find out he actually loves you and you will grow much more easier and faster then f/uf, i dont reject this method completely. ill use it only for the first 500-1000 followers slowly but surely but thats it

+sounds like you got reach banned since they probably detected not-human activity on your account

F/U method is still working for me but I agree with you that the method is well known and aged and IG’s algorithms are fighting against it. You can always go with M/C method as it’s way more advanced and not that easy for IG to figure it out.

I have the same on ±100 accounts

FU is old, and sometimes it has some problems but it still works. Can you explain what other method or action can be done that is better? Been doing story viewing, liking, commenting, everything is pretty much the same can get AC or action blocks at anytime. Also, the problem is most clients at least mine do not want to like some random content or to comment on it at all. Now mass DMs are popular but its good for MS which costs a lot more and many people not have or want to spend big budget for it.

Yes M/S and Mass DMs cost more but it’s the most effective way of growing these days.

I don’t believe in growing using one method in fact I never did even in the old times, growing an account is a lot more than just follow/unfollow especially if you have a goal that you wan to achieve, you need to grow the account in all aspect, post, engagement, followers, quality, trust scrore, rating…etc so yeah different methods and different strategies…

it is lil bit hard to explain since I’m growing my pages ONLY trough explore page nothing else
my main formula for this is uploading 3-5 a day, no hashtags only mention and tag, must have relevant nickname for the niche and u good 2 go